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    Default Mounting 1.25" eyepiece filter on camera lens

    I need to mount standard 1.25" eyepiece filters onto a camera lens with
    a 52mm accessory thread. Any suggestions?


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    Default Mounting 1.25" eyepiece filter on camera lens

    On 17 Sep 2006 23:28:25 -0700, wrote:

    You can get filter step rings from camera stores, but I don't think
    they go as small as a 1.25" filter. If you could get them you would
    experience bad vignetting. You can get almost any color filter and
    some nebula filters in the 52 mm size.

    The night is just the shadow of the Earth.

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    Default Mounting 1.25" eyepiece filter on camera lens

    William Hamblen wrote:

    I'm trying to mount a Baader "Venus" filter to a 105/4.5 UV-Nikkor. As
    far as I know this filter is not yet available in 2" size. Vignetting
    won't be a problem so long as I can position the filter reasonably
    close to the lens. The entrance pupil in the UV-Nikkor is fairly near
    the front element, and the chief ray angle is moderate.

    There seem to be lots of adapters and accessories for 28mm thread size,
    probably due to the CoolPix cameras. Unfortunately, the 1.25" filter
    thread is slightly larger than this.




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