I went to the corner and started to set up, had to get the screw driver out
as two of the feet where coming off the base plate and the 3rd wasn't to be
seen, so after tighting the other two, I found a rock the same size and used
it as the 3ed foot.

From about 8:15 to 9:15 I had a almost steady line comving to have a look
see, a man & wife with 6 month old baby, a older man and his kids and grand
kids, an older man and a younger man who is working on the NASA CEV. Another
fair sized family too. I think all total about 14 people.

After the last ones left it all died down and at 10 to 10 I packed up.

Today I found the 3rd led and screw in the floor of the front and it's back
Found enough change in the jar last night to get a gal of gas so I'll be
going up tonight to set up in the wind and all.

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