Re: Lunar Occultation of Antares. Visible from NZ at ca 7 pm ton SAT, 8
July 2006
Matty F wrote:

draw a diagram with moon's diameter as 1 unit and angles like hours on
a clock.
date dd. hh. mm. city

here's my drawing , hope it comes out ASCII.
cloudy in wgtn. WELLINGTON new zealand.
some time after reappearance
8.50 pm WGTN 8/7/06

x antares

1/2 lunar diameter from disk
at angle 10 o'clock. axis of terminator angle 1 o'clock.
antares approx on equator?? if terminator north-south??

at 9.10 pm.
3/4 diam angle 9;30.

at 11;35 pm

2x moon diam angle 6;30.

great to see it of course.
don.s. mcdonald.