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    Once upon a time -- actually, back in the early 1950's -- in rural south
    Mississippi, my old Granddaddy -- who now rests forever in the warm soil of
    his native Louisiana -- imparted to me a bit of wisdom that has stayed with
    me for lo these many years.

    Now, you first must understand that I was an obstreperous youth -- given to
    wild and crazy stuff -- not restrained by my Southern Baptist upbringing, by
    regular memorization of the King James Bible, or by regular attendance at
    the First Baptist Church of Centreville, Mississippi.

    Also, you need to know that my dear ol' Granddad dropped out of school in
    the eighth grade to support his stepmother and several siblings after the
    death of his father. What he lacked in formal education, he made up for in
    good sense. He was a "pillar" of our community -- a deacon in the church, a
    county commissioner, president of the school board, president of the ration
    control board during WW II, etc., etc.

    So one day he was sitting in his rocking chair on the front porch, playing
    his fiddle, drinking Community Dark Roast Coffee, and reading his King James
    Schofield Reference Bible. I was up to something -- at this point I don't
    recall exactly what but it likely was no good.

    "Son," said Granddad, " you need to stop wrassling with the pigs. You just
    need to stop going down into the barnyard and wrassllin' with the pigs."

    "But, why, Granddad?"

    "Because, son, when you wrassle with a pig, you don't solve anything,
    everybody gets dirty, but the damned pig just loves it."

    It would be several decades before I recognized the wisdom of my
    Granddaddy's admonition.


    Oh, excuse me, I meant to say "Ploink."

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    You can't even get an original tale...this gets posted about once a week.

    "Joe S." <> wrote in message

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    Is this meant to squelch discussion? It's a good thing Joe's Grandpa
    ain't around today to see how things have changed. Today, when a pig
    needs wrassling ya gotta wrassle it. Let Ann Coulter get away with her
    irrational hatred? Let the right wing get away with its takeover of
    the public discussion?

    The Republican party and the right wing media radio talk show hate
    mongers and their clones on Fox TV like Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly
    are the real pigs. Wrassle with 'em? You bet. Every rational citizen
    ought to recognize 'em for the pigs they are.

    Wrassle with 'em 'til they're done on the spit & ready to carve up &

    Maybe then people will wake up from the daze such hatemongers have put
    into their minds from too much listening to the constant drone of
    propaganda from the Right.

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    Whats funny about you far to the left types is that the
    media in general is almost completely liberal.
    Yet if there is just one conservative paper, or news
    show, you people get all worked over and upset, claiming
    all sorts of unfair bias, and falsehoods.

    You are more intolerant than someone like ann coulter ever
    could be. I dont like what she says, but support her
    right to say it. If you had your way, you wouldnt allow
    her to say/print it if possible.

    You dont like what they say ? So what.
    What happened to free speech ?
    Or is that reserved only for people who agree with you completely ?

    You are the intolerant one, as is the far left in general.

    And the truth is going to hurt you more. The republicans
    might be muddled and confused, yet the democratic party
    is being hijacked by the far left. And most of the country
    is somewhere in the middle. So come election time, most of
    the country will not fall for the leftist who now seem to
    control the democratic party. The might not like the
    republican bumbling, but have no interest in letting
    the far left get into power. Better to have a bumbling fool (s)
    in power than a fanatical group that imposes it's values
    on people whether they believe in them or not.

    Dont believe it ? Get out of the major cities sometime
    and see how people think. You would really be surprised !


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    AM wrote:

    To the extent that trying to tell people the truth is a liberal value,
    you are right. But in all other respects, the media are generally
    corporate, not liberal. In fact, "corporate" has meant "Republican" in
    the last several years, as one party controls all 3 branches of
    government and businesses don't want to seem like they aren't team
    players. Witness AT&T handing over private data without a search warrant.

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    Community Coffee,

    Gee, I hadn't heard about that in years since I've moved from SW

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    <> wrote in message

    You can order Community Coffee directly from them, online -- here's their

    Click on the SHOPPING tab. You can get any of their roasts, ground or whole

    I keep a couple of pounds of dark roast whole bean on hand and every few
    days I brew up a cup or two in my old, battered, chipped-enamel French drip
    pot. Just like back home in Wilkinson County, Mississippi, with Granddad in
    his rocking chair on the front porch, reading his King James Bible, sipping
    his Community coffee, and dispensing wisdom.

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    pigs are pretty smart - as for youu ??

    "Joe S." wrote:



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