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Thread: TV-76 questions

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    Wayfaring Stranger Guest

    Default TV-76 questions

    What can I see with a TeleVue 76?? How well??

    What will the planets look like? Double-stars?? Nebula?? Faint fuzzy
    objects, MXXX, NCXXX, etc?? Does it make any sense to put a Telrad on
    a TV-76 as a finder?

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    Phil Wheeler Guest

    Default TV-76 questions

    Wayfaring Stranger wrote:

    Pretty much what you would see with any 80 mm APO

    Yes .. though a smaller reflex finder (Stellarvue or Rigel) might
    be more suitable.


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    Default TV-76 questions

    Wayfaring Stranger wrote:


    Like any three inch range scope, this one, a very _nice_ three inch
    scope, has strengths and weaknesses.

    It can offer attractive views of the Moon and planets, and will be
    great for the casual inspection of these objects. For detail, you'll
    need more aperture. An humble Chinese 6 inch dobsonian will show
    considerably more.

    It will do a lovely job for widefield viewing and imaging. Views of
    galaxies, planetary nebulae, and similar objects will be dim and
    lacking in detail.

    Rod Mollise
    Author of _Choosing and Using a Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope_
    and _The Urban Astronomer's Guide_

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    Default TV-76 questions

    Wayfaring Stranger wrote:
    I have an 80mm f6 achro, so it should be comparable.
    You'll be able to see lots of deep sky objects from a dark location.
    Most galaxies won't have much/any detail. M31 looks great in a wide
    field scope however. Larger open and globular clusters will be bright
    with lots of detail. Brighter nebulae (M27, M42, swan, triphed,
    Veil-with an OIII filter) all are nice views. Scanning up and down the
    summer Milky Way with low magnification is a treat as well. Of course
    remember, it's no Hubble.
    Double stars will show color differences, not my interest particularly,
    so I can't say more.
    With planets, you'll be limited by aperture. Sufficiently magnified
    images won't be very bright/contrasty. Nevertheless I've had good views
    of Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn. Seen Uranus and Neptune, no detail though.
    I've got a Rigel finder on mine.
    Small refractors offer convenience that bigger scopes can't match.
    Re: Televue, I'd spend the extra bucks and get an 85. :-)


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    Ed T Guest

    Default TV-76 questions

    "Wayfaring Stranger" <> wrote in message

    Florian has logged many observing reports on SAA from sessions with his
    TV-76. Here's a google search to get you started:

    Ed T.

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    Florian Guest

    Default TV-76 questions

    > What can I see with a TeleVue 76?? How well??

    You can see a LOT with one. Search through my blog for TV76 for my observations. You'll need to skip over the hiking/camping/cycling stuff...

    I haven't actually done much observing recently though. There are more observations in 2005 and 2004. For a finder i had been using a Rigel red dot up until just recently when i switched to a green laser pointer. The pointer works great! The Rigel worked good too.


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    Florian Guest

    Default TV-76 questions


    Ed, that's neat! Thanks... ;-)


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    Florian Guest

    Default TV-76 questions


    You might get more hits if you take out the hyphen in TV-76 since i almost always type it TV76. Although i tried the search both ways and the hyphen my be ignored.


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    Default TV-76 questions

    On 2006-06-18, Wayfaring Stranger <> wrote:

    It is a nice, 3" refractor that will show all you'd expect to see with
    a 3" refractor. A Telrad won't fit on it. The base is too long.

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    Default TV-76 questions

    William Hamblen wrote:

    That is, not much.

    Andrea T.


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