I have a single axis drive for my Celestron CG-4 mount. According to the
hand controller, it's model number 93517.

I think it is either giving out, or about to. Within the last two weeks
I've noticed some very erratic performance. None of the buttons on the hand
controller respond the way they should. Specifically, if you press the
button that's intended to move the scope to the East, it either does not
move, or moves West. I get similar behavior from the button meant to move
West. I also will get _both_ buttons to respond the same way. The other
two buttons appear to be nonresponsive as well. If I turn the drive off,
this will _sometimes_ get correct operation, but mostly not. I've been
reduced to releasing the R.A. clutch on the mount and moving the tube by
hand, which is not exactly desirable.

I've gone on the Internet and have had no luck finding a replacement.
Amazon says that this particular model number (#93517) is not currently
available, other site, such as scopecity and optcorp don't even list it.

The closest I've come is either buying a dual axis drive that's meant for my
mount, or, the single axis drive for the CG-3 mount.

What to do?