Astrum Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of a new
printed monthly magazine dedicated to amateur astronomers. The first
issue (June 2006) is being despatched from May 22nd.

Practical Astronomer is, as the title suggests, aimed directly at the
world's practising amateur, and is a more focused approach to this
modern evolving arena of astronomical imaging and observing.

The magazine is written for an English speaking audience and is full
colour throughout. It features a unique appeal to global amateurs.
Practical Astronomer deliberately sets out to invite and involve all

amateurs into feeling a part of this global hobby, and to share and
exchange knowledge and experience for the benefit of all readers.

Practical Astronomer will provide the centre point; the meeting place
for all contributing aspects and faces of the global amateur
astronomical community.

Regular features will include:

In depth 'how to' articles on image acquisition, observing
techniques, image processing etc.

The most detailed and 'to the point' equipment reviews in

Regular articles on 'understanding optics'

Meet an amateur - a regular interview with some of the top
amateurs in their field

And more

You can read all about it here: and
we hope, take up a subscription.

Practical Astronomer is published and printed in England