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    Default Reminder: Comet SW3 crosses Ring Nebula Sunday

    Comet 73P-C/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 crosses over the Ring Nebula Sunday
    night for those in the Eastern USA. This is the brighter C component
    of the comet currently reported around 6.8 magnitude with a tail of
    1-2 degree.

    The above article lists the time of closest approach as 11:00 pm EDT
    05/07 (or 3:00 am UT 05/08).

    Using the latest elements from Seiichi Yoshida's website
    ( shows closest
    approach more like 11:20 pm and passing about 2 arcminutes above the
    Ring. With the sun angle, the tail will probably go over the Ring.
    The comet is moving quite fast now (Earth closest approach May 12th),
    and the event should be over in about 10 minutes. You'll need a good
    Northeastern horizon -- Lyra is about 15 degrees up then. Good luck!

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    Default Reminder: Comet SW3 crosses Ring Nebula Sunday

    On Fri, 05 May 2006 20:09:25 -0400, Jack <> wrote:

    Guess I should have added Western Europe and Africa, as well as
    Eastern South America too. Did I leave anybody out?

    It's prime time for you Icelanders! (But I see the sun is only 9
    degrees below the horizon at midnight.)

    Of course it's cloudy for me...



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