I'm probably asking a stupid question, but here goes anyway:

While I've tried to use the camera bracket on my EQ3-2 mount a couple
of times now, I've stumbled into an embarrassing problem:

While rotating the camera into the screw in the bracket, it appears to
be somewhat random what direction the camera will point, when it's
tightened properly. I thought first that by rotating the plastic disc
that resides between the mount and the camera (and which the screw
goes through), I could adjust it a bit. However, this appears not to
be the case; either the camera is too loose and will be turned by
gravity to point down, or it still points into some randomish

After some twiddling I got the camera to point into the right
direction and get a few shots of the Big Dipper a week ago, as well as
some photos of the comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 last night, but
I'd be grateful if somebody would tell how the heck it's supposed to