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    Default Back at the eyepiece...

    Hi all.
    I hadn't observed in so long that I actually forgot which side of my
    truss dob is supposed to have the eyepiece on it. I just stood there
    looking at the darned thing until I remembered that I like to pull the
    cage to me instead of pushing it.

    It was a pretty decent night here in Fairfax, CA. Seeing wasn't that
    bad, so I managed to spend a few hours on Saturn and a few more on
    Jupiter, with a break in between to take in M81-82 with my wonderful 35
    Panoptic. At f4.5, I can just manage to squeeze them both in one field
    of view. That's what--two billion stars, give or take? ;-)
    Caught Io rising in the early evening. Given that Jupiter was very low
    in the SE (about 15 degrees) I was delighted to be able to see a good
    bit of detail.
    I had set the scope up on the sidewalk in front of the bunkhouse, and
    perhaps a half-dozen folks got a good view of Saturn (and titan, rhea,
    dione, tethys and iapetus, I think. At least I was able to count 5
    fairly easily.

    Low clouds (or high fog) closed me out at about 11:15, but as it was
    doing so, it attenuated Jupiter's brilliance and I was able to enjoy a
    great deal of detail. I must invest in some filters that would do the
    same thing. Jupiter is just way to bright in an 18".

    Nice to be back reading the newsgroup and doing some observing. The
    incessant rains here in CA have really taken their toll on observing.
    The sky has really moved around since my last opportunity. Orion turned
    into Leo and suddenly it's galaxy surfing time.

    Regards to you all.
    Uncle Bob
    San Francisco Amateur Astronomers/SF Sidewalk Astronomers

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    Default Back at the eyepiece...

    Somebody down here in SoCal must have got some new equipment, because
    our weekend is full of clouds :-(

    I wanted to image Saturn tonight, but a big cloud is in the way.

    Matthew Ota

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    Default Back at the eyepiece...

    Yo Bob

    Welcome back from the land of the Photon depraved ;-). As to Filters
    for Jupiter, just make it the last thing you look at and crank up the mag.!

    Crazy Ed

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    Default Back at the eyepiece...

    Hay UB, nice to see you back, you can now read about what goes on south of
    you at my site.

    Sidewalk Astronomy

    "Uncle Bob" <> wrote in message

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    Default Back at the eyepiece...

    Blame on Al and the ETX he got.

    The Lone Sidewalk Astronomer of Rosamond

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    Sidewalk Astronomy
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    Blast Off Online Gift Shop
    Astro Blog

    "Matthew Ota" <> wrote in message

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    Default Back at the eyepiece...

    Uncle Bob wrote:

    Our club met last night. Looking at Saturn, one of the members said "I
    think I see Titan." I told them to look closer, that I counted five
    moons. "Oh, your right!"
    Another good multiple-galaxies-in-the-eyepiece view is M65&66 and NGC 3628.




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