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    Default Astrology Courses

    Hi all I love astrology but I have struggled to find the time and
    discipline to self teach - do you recomment any method or courses I can
    take to learn the basics. I live in Yorba LInda in Orange County,

    Any advice would help - how do you study - how have you started?

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    Starlord Guest

    Default Astrology Courses

    First of all you are on the WRONG newsgroup, this one is for ASTRONOMY which
    is REAL. What you asked about is nothing but trash and sucker bait.

    The Lone Sidewalk Astronomer of Rosamond

    Telescope Buyers FAQ
    Sidewalk Astronomy
    Astronomy Net Online Gift Shop
    In Garden Online Gift Shop
    Blast Off Online Gift Shop
    Astro Blog

    <> wrote in message

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    Default Astrology Courses

    If you are really looking for an astrology newsgroup I sincerely hope
    they are a nicer bunch than the many of the mean-spirited people who
    hang out around here.

    If you meant astronomy rather than astrology (a simple mistake often
    made by newbies) then I urge you to seek assistance on a nicer forum,
    such as one of the many friendly astronomy groups at yahoo:


    P.S. If you are some jerk trolling then you need to get a life and grow up!

    Starlord wrote:

    Greg Crinklaw
    Astronomical Software Developer
    Cloudcroft, New Mexico, USA (33N, 106W, 2700m)


    To reply take out your eye

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    SkySea Guest

    Default Astrology Courses

    It would probably be fair to start with learning the difference
    between astrology and astronomy.

    - Dale Gombert (SkySea at
    122.38W, 47.58N, W. Seattle, WA

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    Rich Guest

    Default Astrology Courses

    Learn what? How to turn 21st century humans into idiots?
    Astrology is GARBAGE.

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    Dan Mckenna Guest

    Default Astrology Courses wrote:
    Even if you are interested in Astrology, you would benefit in
    understanding even a little astronomy so that you can understand the
    the historical perspective of how astrology and similar belief systems
    became Astronomy. Look for videos by the Nova series or documentaries
    on astronomy. Take a course at the local city college. Attend a star
    party or planetarium lecture.


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    Morris Jones Guest

    Default Astrology Courses

    SkySea wrote:

    Q. What's the difference between an astronomer and an astrologer?

    A. When an astronomer makes a prediction, it usually happens.

    Morris Jones
    Monrovia, CA
    Old Town Astronomers

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    Davoud Guest

    Default Astrology Courses wrote:

    Astrology is a rigorous discipline, to be sure.

    No shit.


    usenet *at* davidillig dawt com

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    Mij Adyaw Guest

    Default Astrology Courses

    What is your sign? :-)

    "Davoud" <> wrote in message

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    Phil Wheeler Guest

    Default Astrology Courses

    Davoud wrote:

    There goes the State (again!).


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