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    Mij Adyaw wrote:


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    The Lone Sidewalk Astronomer of Rosamond

    Telescope Buyers FAQ
    Sidewalk Astronomy
    Astronomy Net Online Gift Shop
    In Garden Online Gift Shop
    Blast Off Online Gift Shop
    Astro Blog

    "nick" <> wrote in message ..

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    "Davoud" <> wrote in message

    I learned how to cast horoscopes, read charts and tables, the history of
    Astrology, &c. I use those skills to provide entertainment; I earn money
    for such.

    Don't be misled by the "ology" in Astrology -- it is not a science. For some
    people, it is a way of thinking; for others, it is a bit of recreational fun. I
    count myself in the latter group. Once I stopped treating it as a science
    and more of a recreational game, I was freed from taking the skeptical
    high-road when such matters came up. People /enjoy/ having their horoscope
    taken. If the recipient takes the reading seriously, that is unfortunate and
    misses the point.

    Anyone who thinks Astrology has scientific /pretentions/ is as deluded as
    those Astrologers who believe it is a science...

    :-) Using a mystic-sounding name is part of the fun. And that's really what
    it's all about: /fun/.

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    "Starlord" <> wrote in

    One of her 4 Usenet posts up till now was in misc.immigration.usa. I think
    that answers it.

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    In article <Lvh2g.38146$>,
    David Ellis <> wrote:

    $$$ ok $$$

    It's unfortunate for the recipent, yes. But it's fortunate for people
    who, like you, charge for such $ervice$. I mean, if no-one took those
    readings seriously, you would hardly get any paying customers -- right?

    There are two kinds of astrologers:
    1. The fools - those who take it seriously
    2. The cynics - those who profit on the fools

    You've just told us you belong to the second group.

    It's part of the delusion, true. And somethimes this mystic-sounding
    name can even survive yourself! Check out this site:

    This guy, with his funny nickname, died from cancer 9 years ago. Yet
    his site is still there -- others keep running it.

    Actually, it's not just fun. Astrology is a bu$ine$$ -- you should know that,
    since you profit on it yourself!

    Paul Schlyter, Grev Turegatan 40, SE-114 38 Stockholm, SWEDEN
    e-mail: pausch at stockholm dot bostream dot se

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    David Ellis wrote:

    Do any "fish" bite?

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    You came to the right group alright but they are astrologers who think
    they are astronomers.

    The Ra/Dec system is just a fancy word for the celestial
    sphere/constellation system they view everything against.

    Ask them where the galaxy M82 is and they will proudly tell you
    astrologically it is Ursa Major.This is what happens when there is
    nobody but astrophotographers left !.

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    David Ellis <> wrote:

    Which is in stark contrast to the line from your previous post.

    Freedom for you to con anyone gullible enough, that is.
    You're a bleedin' opportunist !!

    I recommend Macs to my friends, and Windows machines
    to those whom I don't mind billing by the hour

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    David Ellis wrote:


    Did you ever take an intro level or above astronomy class ?
    If not, it might help you to understand that modern astronomy
    and cosmology is far more interesting and "Fun" than astrology.

    Not that I ever expect astrology types to be converted thinkers
    but I have noticed that students who have a strong belief in astrology
    after an astro class tend to think more about what is going on
    and where we came from. Once in a while they even see the B.S. for what
    it is.

    It is true that most people tend to want a "warm and fuzzy" view of the
    universe and as a result live IMHO a shallow life as a result. yes, they
    are happy about it and no doubt they will pay $$ to hear that as well.

    When I was single, it was much easier to get a date
    not being critical of astrology. The other aspect of that was if I took
    them to a dark site and we actually looked up for a while the questions
    started coming. Most city folk have never been to a dark sky and spent
    time looking up with a person versed in astronomy. The constellations
    become less apparent to the vast background of stars and that is missing
    in a city sky.

    Yes astrology is entertainment to some but limits the possibility free
    thought to others who form a dependency on "readings".

    You seem to like collecting the rent for people who live in that world.

    This reminds me of a renaissance song " what poor astronomers are they
    who take womens eyes for stars and in there foolishness look where there
    is no light." or something like that.



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    Bert Hyman wrote:

    Why should they be? Why can't those who cling to reality be nice to?

    Oh, and thanks for proving my point so eloquently...

    Greg Crinklaw
    Astronomical Software Developer
    Cloudcroft, New Mexico, USA (33N, 106W, 2700m)


    To reply take out your eye


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