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    Bob Schmall Guest

    Default Astrology Courses wrote:
    Astronomy for Dummies is very good. It was written by a professional
    astronomer for the beginner.

    Astrology for Dummies is a tautology.

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    David Ellis Guest

    Default Astrology Courses

    <> wrote in message

    I'd definitely recommend the NGCR (National Council for Geocosmic
    Research - ). I attend the one in San Diego
    ( ).

    Astrology is freedom.

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    John Savard Guest

    Default Astrology Courses

    On 21 Apr 2006 09:09:10 -0700, wrote, in part:

    There certainly are a number of books that provide good introductory
    courses on astrology, such as "Astrology for Everyone" by Edward Lyndoe,
    which also includes a handy condensed ephemeris (less important
    nowadays, what with the low cost of powerful personal computers). It's
    also true that living in California, you probably are near many other
    people who actually believe astrology is worth studying, and so you
    might well be able to find a course in it. Even community colleges have
    been known to teach the subject.

    But I should note that this is an amateur *astronomy* newsgroup. The
    people who are attracted here are generally of a scientific bent, and
    are likely to see astrology as, at best, an amusing waste of time.

    John Savard
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    Doink Guest

    Default Astrology Courses

    Sure, start by ordering some magik herbs from me. I'll happily supply with
    just the right stuff to specially open your mind. Then, you'll need some
    special candles. These will attract smart people to you who will teach you
    cool stuff. Next, you need some special oils---just smelling them will make
    you a lot smarter.

    Next, go straight to Sears where you can buy a really good telescope. Get
    the one with the highest power on the box---look for a box that says 600X!
    Also, the whole thing should weigh less than 5 pounds. Hey, you want high
    power not heavy weight, right? Then get some good astrology charts---I can
    sell you those too if you can't find them locally. Go out at night around
    your birthdate and really study and get to know your sign.

    Good luck! It's a fun hobby and after only a few times out with your new
    600x telescope you'll be amazed at how many UFOs you'll see! The government
    doesn't want us to

    <> wrote in message

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    Jax Guest

    Default Astrology Courses

    >> I live in... California.

    best reply i've seen in a long time.


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    Davoud Guest

    Default Astrology Courses

    David Ellis wrote:

    Don't leave us hanging! What did you learn? What new skills did you
    acquire? How do you use those skills?

    What does that mean? /Astronomers/ are eager to learn and believe. I
    remember when, as a mere child, I first heard that a whole star can
    shrink to a mathematical point, essentially disappearing from the known
    universe. I was highly skeptical, but I came to believe. (Speaking of
    black holes, does astrology have to be rethought every time one is
    created? What is the effect of the black hole in our galaxy's center on
    my life? What do newly discovered planets, in our own solar system and
    elswhere mean to my life?) Tell us about the freedom that astrology
    conveys, and help us overcome our skepticism. With the high cost of
    Astro-Physics refractors and one-meter Ritchey-Chretien reflectors
    these days many of us are longing to obtain the freedom that you have

    One last thing I've always wondered about -- why do some astrologers
    use aliases like "Sidney Omarr," while by and large, astronomers use
    their own names -- Usenet aliases nowithstanding? Will changing my name
    to Blazing Starr make me a better astrophotographer?



    usenet *at* davidillig dawt com

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    Default Astrology Courses

    John Savard wrote:

    I started to ask what is amusing about astrology, then I rememered that
    astrologers believe that a giant goat -- among other creatures --
    /lives/ /in/ /the/ /sky/ , and that's pretty amusing.


    usenet *at* davidillig dawt com

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    Bert Hyman Guest

    Default Astrology Courses

    In Greg Crinklaw
    <> wrote:

    Well, I'm sure that some delusional folks are a lot "nicer" than those
    who cling to reality.

    Good luck.

    Bert Hyman St. Paul, MN

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    Default Astrology Courses

    I would love to help but I am a Virgo and Virgo's don't believe in

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    Default Astrology Courses

    John Savard wrote:


    I was trying to think of a way to be insulting and yet helpful. Here ya go

    The titles express my feelings on the subject, and yet they are part of
    a generally useful series of books.



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