Rosamond (Sunday) Report

After a bad Saturday noght of no viewing, Sunday came mostly
clear. I was set up by 6pm and first aimed at the moon.

I was thinking by 8pm that this was going to be one big dead
night, as by then not one person had stopped or came over.

Then within 15 mins I had the full nights run of people.
They ranged from a black man who had just gotten a telescope
and didn't understand it much to a man who draged he wife and
kid to have a look see of Saturn. All total about 5 or 6 at
that time. It all died again and at 8:45 I packed up to head home.

Surprizing it had been a good viewing night up to then, I was
going to set up at home, but I had to eat and fix some coffee first
and by the time I went out, there was high thin clouds and a lot
of glair around the moon and others. So I didn't set up. Checked it
at 11pm and it was worst, so off to bed I went.


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