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    Default Stripped Filter

    Last week we had one of those rare nights where we had both clear skies and
    temps warm enough to stand being outside for a while, so I hauled out my
    90mm refractor to do some looking.

    My first target, considering it was nearly full Moon, was the Moon. No
    problems, although I had a lot of trouble finding what I was looking for.

    No problems, that is, until I went to swap eyepieces, and found my Moon
    filter still in my eyepiece holder.

    I retrieved it, and tried it on a different eyepiece, with the same result,
    it wouldn't stay attached. I have another filter, so I tried that one, just
    in case by some bizarre coincidence the eyepiece barrels were stripped on
    both pieces. Nope, the second filter holds just fine, so I'm forced to
    concluded that the threads on my Moon filter are stripped.

    The question is, is there a fix for this, or would I be better off just
    buying a replacement?

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    Default Stripped Filter

    > The question is, is there a fix for this, or would I be better off just

    I would make sure that it couldn't be fixed by carefully and repeatedly
    threading it into a (unused) eyepiece, and unthreading it. If this didn't
    work, or if I didn't want to risk damaging an eyepiece's threads, then I
    would get an old/cheap filter with good threads, bust out the filter, and
    thread and glue this ring onto the damaged filter. Filters are made to be
    stacked, so the ring will have both inside and outside threads and you will
    be able to join it to your damaged one.


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    Default Stripped Filter

    "Dennis Woos" <> wrote in message

    You can buy empty 1.25 inch filter cells here (used as spacers for the Star
    but it might not prove cost effective.


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    Default Stripped Filter

    Thanks, Robin and Dennis!



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