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    Default Opinions on Orion Astroview 120 ST

    I am looking for opinions on the Orion Astroview 120ST 4.7" wide field
    refractor. I have read very positive reviews but I am primarily
    interested in seeing if anyone who had/has one can estimate what size
    reflector the Orion's image brightness equates to.


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    Default Opinions on Orion Astroview 120 ST

    I have one and it's one of my favorite OTAs. It performs close to my 8"
    reflector but far easier to handle. Not a planetary scope, not a double
    splitter...but it will get you to faint fuzzies though they will be

    "Rob" <> wrote in message

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    Default Opinions on Orion Astroview 120 ST

    You must have good skies if you can compare a 120mm to a 200mm aperture for
    deep sky. (Please note that I am not trying to invalidate such a claim.) In
    some ways, I know what you mean, in others, I can't know. My skies aren't
    that dark and aperture always wins around here, even though I really enjoy
    using a small scope to poke around.

    I've recently aquired one of the Antares 127mm F6.5 refractors. It needs
    collimating, and the images give the appearance of pinched opitcs, but in
    terms of light grasp, and CA, it ain't half bad. The "issues" can be worked
    out, or the scope replaced. The important thing I got out of the experience
    is that the size and focal ratio are livable for deep sky, and the CA is not
    personally bothersome for planets, although I would prefer a 5" F6.5
    apochromat, could I bring myself to part with that kind of cash for a 5"
    scope. ;-)

    I can certainly better see how someone could live with a 6" apo as their
    only scope. But I diverge.


    "Doink" <> wrote in message

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    Default Opinions on Orion Astroview 120 ST

    Hi Stephen...

    I said it performs "close" to my 8". It doesn't exceed or even reach it.
    BUT, it's a refractor and the views are very, very sharp and it's a joy to
    use----no rotating in the rings, less bulk, etc.

    I would love an f/6.5 APO---but 5" is out of the park for astro
    spending....though a Tak 4" is in the cards....

    "Stephen Paul" <> wrote in message

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    Default Opinions on Orion Astroview 120 ST

    Rob wrote:

    4.7". In spite of what you may see in on line forums, Refractors are NOT
    magic, and short tube achros counterbalance the un-obstructed aperture
    with their inability to sharply focus all colors. I have compared the
    f/8.3 version of these 120mm Synta scopes (one of the several scopes in
    my collection that range from a 40mm PST to a 20" Obsession) with an
    Orion f/8 115mm dob. On the Leo trio (M65, M66 & NGC 3628) there is no
    discernable difference, visually. Just understand that you are not
    buying a planetary scope, use the thing for the purpose for which it is
    designed, and enjoy.

    Bob Hill

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    Default Opinions on Orion Astroview 120 ST

    Rob wrote:


    OK...but lots of color. The humble StarBlast actually presents better
    images; especially at higher powers, where it walks all over the

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