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    Default William Optics / Burgess Binoviewer

    I was reading the new S&T (Jan 06) and I saw an ad for the William
    Optics binoviewer w/2 eyepieces for $199. I went over to see if
    Astronomics was selling it yet and didn't find it, but I found the
    Burgess binoviewer that looks like the same unit with different plastics
    and logos.

    I'm a TV owner myself, but I've always been impressed by the fit and
    finish of the William refractors. When I saw a binoviewer from them at
    that price, I was very suprised.

    Is there someone from William Optics who can tell us if we're getting a
    higher quality item than the Burgess and if it is actually the same unit
    in different packaging?

    Anyone try either of them yet? Thanks!

    Clear Skies,

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    Default William Optics / Burgess Binoviewer

    I bought a Burgess to try out the technology. It came with (2)20mm
    eyepieces. I used a Nagler 2x barlow to get focus. Now they come with
    a 1.4x lens to do same.

    Problem: balance. On a Hutech-Borg-77Acro, a very lightweight
    portable, the balance is impossible to deal with. My TeleVue-85 on a
    Gibralter mount is OK but I would not try it with heavier eyepieces.

    I used it only a few times until Mars showed up. The barlow seems to
    give me not 2x but around 3x to 4x magnification. This worked well for
    Mars as my 3.5mm Nagler sometimes was too high for unstable air. Also
    my aged eyes working together with this bino combo sometimes worked very

    Due to balance problems and very occasional usage I will not upgrade to
    a more expensive bino, but I am happy with what I have.

    However, if I had to do it over, I would now buy a TV85 short tube with
    a bino, 24mm panoptics and a couple of barlows or equivalent.

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    Default William Optics / Burgess Binoviewer

    George Hein wrote:


    I tested a Burgess rather extensively (I've got a review of it on
    Astromart). I didn't have any problems with balance, nor did I have to
    use a relay lens or barlow since I used the bino on SCTs...but...while
    it's OK, and the price is great, it ain't no Denkmeier. I think just
    about anybody would be well advised to save their money for a Denk.

    Rod Mollise
    Author of _Choosing and Using a Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope_

    Like SCTs and MCTs?
    Check-out sct-user, the mailing list for CAT fanciers:

    See: <>
    For Uncle Rod's Astro Blog.

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    Default William Optics / Burgess Binoviewer

    "George Hein" <> wrote in message

    Balance can be a real problem for an altazimuth mount. To expound from my
    experience, the problem is that as you approach zenith, the scope wants to
    flip over backwards. I've found two solutions for this problem. First is to
    push the OTA so far forward in the rings that it doesn't happen. This of
    course means it will nose dive at lower altitudes. The second solution is so
    simple, I was amazed it took me so long to figure it out. All you need to do
    is to aim the binoviewer perpendicular to the mount, and parallel with the
    ground. IOW, sideways.

    The problem is that the binoviewer stands too tall in the diagonal. One
    could also put a counterweight on the objective end of the refractor,
    hanging down to offset the binoviewer.

    For every problem, there's a solution. :-)



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