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    Rich Guest

    Default New telescope distributor

    I bought some ED eyepieces off these people to try them out. They
    were the same as the Orion's and about 1/2 the price. Might be worth
    looking at. I have no idea about the scopes.

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    Default New telescope distributor

    They don't let you in unless you enable cookies in your browser. No

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    Greg Crinklaw Guest

    Default New telescope distributor wrote:

    "Paranoia strikes deep..."

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    Stephen Paul Guest

    Default New telescope distributor

    "Greg Crinklaw" <> wrote in message

    "Into your life it will creep..."

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    Howard Lester Guest

    Default New telescope distributor

    "Stephen Paul" wrote >

    "It starts when you're always afraid..."

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    Ed Erbeck Jr. Guest

    Default New telescope distributor

    in article, Howard Lester at wrote on 11/5/05 4:09 PM:

    "Step outta line and the man comes to take you away"

    Crazy Ed

    Sorry I don't remember the 60's, I participated ;-)

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    Chris L Peterson Guest

    Default New telescope distributor

    On 4 Nov 2005 22:51:35 -0800, wrote:

    It is a shopping site- they pretty much need cookies to store session
    data (like a shopping cart). However, they definitely have problems. I
    _do_ have cookies enabled, and when I go to the site it tells me to
    enable cookies and stops. The only cookies I have disabled are those
    defined by Spyware Blaster as associated with Bad Places (like
    Doubleclick). So all I can guess is these guys are allowing somebody
    other than themselves to set cookies. Not good, that's for sure. This
    isn't a problem I've seen with any other reputable site.


    Chris L Peterson
    Cloudbait Observatory

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    lal_truckee Guest

    Default New telescope distributor

    Chris L Peterson wrote:

    They don't need cookies for people just browsing the site window
    shopping/comparison shopping; just if the visitor wants to use their
    shopping cart. So by designing their site to chase off people wary of
    cookies they shoot themselves in the foot, since most online businesses
    also offer phone connections, or visitors who wish to order online can
    then allow cookies.

    They lost me at the first page; mostly because I don't trust someone
    who's dumb enough to design their website to chase away potential
    customers. No telling what else they'd do.

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    Rich Guest

    Default New telescope distributor

    On Sat, 05 Nov 2005 23:49:18 GMT, Chris L Peterson
    <> wrote:

    When I got an eyepiece from them
    with a problem, they sent me a new one before I sent the old
    one back. They were also very good with communication.
    From my limited experience, they seem on the level.

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    Gobbletwo Guest

    Default New telescope distributor

    Rich wrote:

    Rich, you do want to be aware of the fact that many have dropped
    off the edge of our level world...... ;-)


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