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    Default Coronado PST review

    I've posted at

    a review of my Coronado PST which may be of interest to sola
    observers. Certainly it's the most rewarding little scope I've eve
    owned ;-)



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    Default Coronado PST review

    nytecam wrote:

    I surely do agree. And the photos from your PST are the best such that
    I've seen.


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    Default Coronado PST review


    Your pictures of the Sun with your PST are truly stunning, and your
    review was helpful. I'm close to buying the little scope, but I would
    be using it solely for visual use. Are the proms, etc., easily seen at
    the eyepiece? I know that photographs show so much more than our eyes
    can see.....simply put, is it worth buying just for visual use?


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    Default Coronado PST review wrote:

    Simply answered: YES

    Actually the PST is not intended by Coronado for photo use. I've seen
    other photos done with it, but those of Maurice are far and away the
    best. I've only done visual and it is great.


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    Default Coronado PST review

    Thanks Phil!

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    Default Coronado PST review

    Rick wrote:

    In this case, I'd say that you can see pretty much everything that
    Maurice's images show. He shoots mostly prominences (as far as I can
    tell, anyway), and that is where the PST really shines--especially on
    a bang-for-the-buck basis. In practice, the difference between the
    PST and the MS40 (or SM40 filter) on prominences is nil. There is a
    noticeable difference with surface detail, but that too can be seen
    visually through the PST. It's less contrasty than the MS40/SM40, but
    it also costs a heck of a lot less. With image processing, I've seen
    some pretty decent shots of the surface through the PST.

    Let me put it this way--I don't regret my SM40 purchase one bit, but
    if I were entering the H-alpha scene now, I'd give serious thought to
    the PST.

    Brian Tung <>
    The Astronomy Corner at
    Unofficial C5+ Home Page at
    The PleiadAtlas Home Page at
    My Own Personal FAQ (SAA) at

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    Default Coronado PST review

    Maurice your site is a regular drop in for me, great site keep it up, great

    The PST may not have been designed for photography but with a little bit of
    a learning curve it is surprising what can be achieved. I have just had one
    of my early shots printed in Australian Sky and Telescope, but the shots I
    am getting now that I have had a fair bit of practice make that one look
    lame. It is a real buzz sometimes with the details in the photo's when the
    seeing is right. I am going to have to put together a web site soon with
    some of my shots. I just today posed a few of my older shots on alt., have to find the time to process the latest.

    The PST is a magical little scope and now darn it they are releasing CaK
    PST, time to buy a new telescope :-)



    "Phil Wheeler" <> wrote in message

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    Default Coronado PST review

    Please post the url of you photos when you get the website up. Also
    info on how you are getting the shots.

    I'd like to see Maurice's set up, too.

    My attempts at PST photos have not yet been good -- and I have six
    cameras, from P&S to EOS 20D (so it's not lack of equipment, just lack,
    of know-how or perhaps adapters).


    Phil wrote:

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    Default Coronado PST review


    You mentioned the PST CaK, what is it? I went to Coronado's website,
    and while it is listed as a product, I couldn't find any info on
    it......or couldn't get to the info if it's there.

    Thanks, Rick


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