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    Default Vixen ED80SF Telescope

    Any experiences with this new little fella ?

    Vixen ED80SF Telescope


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    Default Vixen ED80SF Telescope

    DigiDick wrote:

    I called Vixen America...this scope is made in China and I bet its a
    close cousin of the Orion ED80. I bought the Vixen ED81SWT, which is a
    3 element APO and made in Japan. Haven't had the good weather yet to
    give it a fair evaluation. Optics "seem" sharp but we will see, and
    color correction appears very good. Have not used the Orion ED80 so I
    can't do a comparison either.

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    Default Vixen ED80SF Telescope

    Personal experience, a good hour with it at Cherry Springs Star Party
    this year. I got to use get first light in North America on it I was
    told by the Vixen rep who brought it. It is the chinese apochromat with
    better finish and a R&P focuser. Plus the Vixen flip mirror unit they
    provide on their 80 short tube. Quality of the image is excellent tack
    sharp and unit worked well on the vixen supplied alt azimuth mount
    which was included in the setup. The view of Jupiter (first object I
    picked) was the best I have seen in a small scope in a while. It was
    under the seeing comparable to the view with the 20" that was setup
    next to it. Of course the 20" showed much more detail when the seeing
    was better. My own SCT dewed over 20 minutes after the sky cleared (
    it was very humid that night since had rained on and off all day) and
    did not provide any comparison.



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