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    Vincent Waciuk's Avatar
    Vincent Waciuk Guest

    Default Wide angle lenses


    I have been dabbling with astrophotography for a couple of years now and
    have managed to produce a few decent shots, nothing spectacular though.

    I am thinking that I would like to try some wide field shots and I would
    like some input on to the correct lenses to accomplish this.

    I use an old soviet Zenit camera body, which is a Pentax knock-off, so I
    would be looking for Pentax compatible lenses.


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    Ralph Hertle's Avatar
    Ralph Hertle Guest

    Default Wide angle lenses

    Vincent Waciuk wrote:


    Zenit? Is that the 35 mm SLR with the spring loaded die cast zinc flip
    mirror and shutter combination?

    Ralph Hertle

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    David Nakamoto Guest

    Default Wide angle lenses

    I always thought that with wide-angle shots, the issue is less the kind of lens
    you use, and more about the type of conditions you do your photography under.

    Stray light from near and far-away sources are a real pain for wide angle shots,
    unless you consider them to be an aesthetic touch.
    But finding a near-by truly dark site is almost an oxymoronic phrase for most of
    us, but it might be worth looking for.

    Accurate tracking is still an issue. As with all tracking, you need enough to
    eliminate any smearing of stars into anything other than pinpoints of light.

    If you don't develop and print your own (film of course), then finding a
    developer who will do a good job on things that are really underexposed from a
    normal photo standpoint is also essential.

    Finally if you're going digital, then developing good image processing skills
    are essential.

    --- Dave

    Pinprick holes in a colorless sky
    Let inspired figures of light pass by
    The Mighty Light of ten thousand suns
    Challenges infinity, and is soon gone

    "Vincent Waciuk" <> wrote in message ..

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    AstroHoney Guest

    Default Wide angle lenses

    Correct lenses? It would be nice to have well "corrected" (aspheric)
    and fast lenses but I'm not familiar with the K-mount line-up. Many of
    the Nikon manual focus and fast f-ratio lenses show appreciable coma
    wide open. Stopping down helps but increases exposure time / film
    reciprocity, but you probably know that.


    Vincent Waciuk wrote:

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    Vincent Waciuk's Avatar
    Vincent Waciuk Guest

    Default Wide angle lenses

    On Wed, 15 Jun 2005 02:56:55 GMT, Ralph Hertle <> wrote:

    That's correct.

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    Vincent Waciuk's Avatar
    Vincent Waciuk Guest

    Default Wide angle lenses

    On 15 Jun 2005 10:01:44 -0700, AstroHoney <> wrote:

    Actually I find that if people repeat information often enough, then
    even _I_ will eventually remember it .


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    John Shakespeare's Avatar
    John Shakespeare Guest

    Default Wide angle lenses

    Hi Vince,

    Vincent Waciuk wrote:

    There is a chapter on lens selection for wide field astrophotography in
    Robert Reeves' excellent book on the subject (very highly recommended):

    Robert Reeves, Wide-Field Astrophotography, Willmann-Bell, 1999.
    ISBN 0943396654.

    Reeves comments that the earlier Zenit bodies (taking lenses with Pentax
    screw-mount) are quite good. The newer mostly-plastic ones are rather
    less good...

    Best Regards,

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    laura halliday's Avatar
    laura halliday Guest

    Default Wide angle lenses

    Vincent Waciuk <> wrote:

    Screwmount Pentax lenses are all over the place.
    Outfits like KEH (not to mention all the local camera
    stores that sell used gear) have stacks of them.

    I have a 28mm f/3.5 that is amazingly good wide open.
    With my beat-up old Spotmatic, fast film and a barndoor
    tracker I can get good pictures with it.

    Laura Halliday VE7LDH "Que les nuages soient notre
    Grid: CN89mg pied a terre..."
    ICBM: 49 16.05 N 122 56.92 W - Hospital/Shafte

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    Beta Persei Guest

    Default Wide angle lenses

    "Vincent Waciuk" <> ha scritto nel messaggio ..

    I thougth the OP was looking for hints on which lens to use: for *normal*
    wide field I would suggest a 20 mm f/3.5 (>90° fov on film diagonal) or a 28
    mm f/2.8 which give pictures without the fish-eye effect. For relly
    *extreme* wide filed, a 16 mm-fish-eye or 8 mm fih-eye (circular picture,
    180° fov!) would be more appropriate.

    A convenient supplier could be for instance.

    Have fun and clear skies,

    Beta Persei
    45° 35' N
    08° 51' E

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    Beta Persei Guest

    Default Wide angle lenses

    Sorry for too many typos...early morning here, need a coffee...


    "Beta Persei" <> ha scritto nel messaggio


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