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    Default Meade repair turnaround time

    Sent my LX3 in to get new optics almost 4 weeks ago. Anyone had the
    same thing done and how long it took?


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    Default Meade repair turnaround time

    craig510a3 wrote:

    I sent my 8"SCT to them a couple years back for a similar procedure
    and as I recall it took about 5-6 weeks including shipping. I found the
    people there to be responsive and the returned optics were good.


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    Default Meade repair turnaround time

    I sent my 10" LX-5 to Meade for new optics in Summer, 1998, and it took only
    three weeks.

    "Bob Liesenfeld" <> wrote in message

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    Default Meade repair turnaround time

    "craig510a3" <> wrote in message

    4 weeks are not exceptional even if the manufacturer is close to you.
    I would say that, out of holidays, from 6 weeks you can call them for a
    But let them work ! At short term, there is maybe a bottleneck in servicing
    due to a high demand, or a pure administrative problem, who knows...

    To read about servicing (based on several more or less good/bad
    experiences...) :




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