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Thread: Orion 100mm ED

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    Bubba DeBub Guest

    Default Orion 100mm ED

    Do not buy the Asian junk. Buy American like Astro-Physics, Tele Vue, or

    (Proud to be drivin my American Dodge V10 Gas Guzzlin Pickup Truck....
    Yeeeeee Haaw!)

    "Too_Many_Tools" <> wrote in message

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    Pierre Vandevennne Guest

    Default Orion 100mm ED

    "Bubba DeBub" <> wrote in news:51Rae.64443

    My LZOS Apo (LZOS is the Russian for TMB ;-)) does indeed appear to have a
    feathertouch focuser that was made in the USA. Nice piece of hardware

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    Ed T Guest

    Default Orion 100mm ED

    "Too_Many_Tools" <> wrote in message

    If you want to *really* take a hit on a scope, buy a premium dob and try to
    peddle it on Astromart. You want carnage, I got yer carnage right here.

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    Too_Many_Tools Guest

    Default Orion 100mm ED


    Of course you are right as always. ;<)

    Human nature being what it is, there are fads that come and go.

    Dobs are one and premium refractors are another.

    It is better to buy a scope to use and not for a status symbol.


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    RichA Guest

    Default Orion 100mm ED

    On 24 Apr 2005 18:49:44 -0700, "Too_Many_Tools"
    <> wrote:

    Thankfully, there are those who do some amazing work and enjoy
    using things like AP scopes as telescopes, and not as objects
    to brag about. Then again, I've known people who treat some
    telescopes like vintage cars. Bring them out to "show" them off,
    but rarely use them. One of the last new Zeiss APQs purchased was
    bought by such a person. It's strictly up to them as to what
    happens to their property, but it's sad, if nothing else that such
    an instrument would go unused since only it's exterior is being

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    shneor Guest

    Default Orion 100mm ED

    X-No-Archive: Yes

    Sorry, that's baloney. 90% of those buying Asian refractors couldn't
    afford to buy a U.S. "made" refractor (most of whose parts are made in
    Asia anyway).

    Clear skies,

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    Too_Many_Tools's Avatar
    Too_Many_Tools Guest

    Default Orion 100mm ED

    I know far too many similar cases. We all do.

    Next time you are at a star party, note how many scopes are actually
    being USED.

    I put it in perspective that the scope (or other high cost showcase
    object) is being held in reserve for the real user in the future when
    the estate sale is held.

    As for high end refractors, those who are holding them in anticipation
    of future financial gain have some surprises coming.


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    Geoff Guest

    Default Orion 100mm ED

    On 25 Apr 2005 07:24:01 -0700, "shneor" <> wrote:

    I can "afford" to buy most any scope commonly in amatuer hands, I just
    dont see the value proposition. The Chinese ED is great value for
    BTW im not American, so learn to compete or quit whining :P

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    Too_Many_Tools's Avatar
    Too_Many_Tools Guest

    Default Orion 100mm ED

    It is not as much baloney as you may think it is....

    Even if 90% (the number is MUCH smaller) of those can't afford an
    overpriced refractor , the 10% (and this number is MUCH larger) who can
    and do buy Asian represent a major loss to the small companies that
    need their business for survival.

    The presence of affordable Asian refractors also has a strong dampening
    effect on the ability of other companies to raise their prices.

    Overpriced refractor companies are a endangered species.


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    Brian Tung Guest

    Default Orion 100mm ED

    Too_Many_Tools wrote:

    If you knew the "MUCH smaller" number, I'm sure you would give it to
    us. So I expect it's just a guess. It may be a plausible guess, but
    it is still a guess. Or, alternatively, perhaps you have a citation
    for a market survey?

    In my opinion (and I speak as one who does not own a premium apo), they
    are not overpriced. There is more to a refractor than color correction.
    There is smoothness of figure, for instance, and mechanical exactness.
    These things cost more to produce, and therefore more to buy, too.

    Consumers do gain, at least in the short run, because there is another
    point on the price-performance graph to consider. We'll see if this
    means the demise or scaling back of the premium refractor companies.
    The availability of inexpensive cars that perform reasonably well has
    not meant the end of high-performance cars, although of course there
    are orders of magnitude more car buyers than telescope buyers.

    Brian Tung <>
    The Astronomy Corner at
    Unofficial C5+ Home Page at
    The PleiadAtlas Home Page at
    My Own Personal FAQ (SAA) at


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