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    Default "Gloria Olivae" Natal Horoscope

    According to many sources, St. Maliachi's attribution for this pope
    reads "DE GLORIA OLIVAE"; a subtle but distinct difference important to
    those who understand languages - as important perhaps as the
    distinction between "Ich bin Berliner" ("I am from Berlin")and "Ich bin
    ein Berliner" ("I am a breakfast pastry").

    The early church (325 A.D.) split into the Greek and Roman churches
    over the difference between "homoousia" and "homoiousia".

    English holds the (AFAIK) unique distinction of having a word that has
    two opposite meanings - "cleave" can mean either to adhere or to

    Otherwise even a single letter can lead to radically different if not
    opposite meanings, much as "Min" and "Mind."

    Briefly, Min, you are mindless. This is off-topic in *all* the groups
    to which you posted it.

    Tom Davidson
    Richmond, VA

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    Default "Gloria Olivae" Natal Horoscope

    In article <1114092948.748658.257230@z14g2000cwz.googlegroups .com>,
    tadchem <> wrote:

    This is not the same word. They are just homologues.
    In Dutch we have "kleven" and "klieven".
    In English these words got mapped onto the same sound.
    Now it is remarkable, but these words are not exact opposites.


    Groetjes Albert

    Albert van der Horst,Oranjestr 8,3511 RA UTRECHT,THE NETHERLANDS
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    Default "Gloria Olivae" Natal Horoscope

    On 21 Apr 2005 22:29:04 GMT, Albert van der Horst
    <> wrote:

    According to, both meanings of "cleave"
    derive from the same Middle English word,"cleven", which seems to
    be derived from two slightly different Old English words.

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