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    Default Orion 80ED focus knob grips.

    I went to use my 80ED last night and the grips fell off both focus
    knobs! They were perished-looking and had both snapped.

    My ED is mounted on an LX200 in a roll-off observatory. It can't be
    heat (never gets hot) so I assume recent frosts must have done the
    damage (despite having a frost heater)?

    Pretty minor - but something to look out for. Anyone else had this


    PS. A couple of fat rubber bands are serving as ugly-but-effective

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    Default Orion 80ED focus knob grips.

    "justbeats" <> wrote in message

    Sounds like you might be a candidate for these:

    Jan Owen

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    Default Orion 80ED focus knob grips.

    On 19 Apr 2005 05:33:06 -0700, "justbeats" <>

    I seem to remember a line out of "The Andromeda Strain" about all the
    rubber dissolving....

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    Default Orion 80ED focus knob grips.

    Jan Owen wrote:

    hehe.. I love the "Sport Aluminium" ones..
    They look like really flashy rims for a car..

    I just picture a show on discovery channel: Pimp my Scope, where a gang
    of crazy rappers beef up battered old telescopes by replacing the
    standard bits by things like shiny new Sport Aluminium Focus Wheels and
    painting flames down the side of the OTA itself.. ;-)

    Clear Skies,



    Joerg Glissmann - Guending - Germany
    remove PANTS to reply ;-)



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