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Thread: Tuesday Night

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    Default Tuesday Night

    Spent a short 2 hours up on the corner tonight, kind of slow, but just about
    7pm had man,wife,kids come over and they got to see Saturn high in the sky.
    Packed up after 8:15 and came home, next night will be Saterday and they are
    saying clear skys too. Still waiting for Jupiter to get up over the
    buildings so I can show it off.

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    Default Tuesday Night

    Starlord wrote:
    Wonderin' if you keep a log or tally of the eyeballs that have looked
    through your scope over the years...
    Must be getting up there by now.
    Uncle Bob

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    Default Tuesday Night

    On Tue, 8 Mar 2005 20:31:04 -0800, "Starlord" <>

    It was brutally cold and clear in Toronto, thanks to a windy day. I
    figured I'd see some aurora, but didn't. Great weather for deepsky,
    especially if you can stay up to see the Leo/Virgo galaxies.

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    Default Tuesday Night

    No not really, there's been nights that I've not had anyone show up, but
    I've had nights that surprised even me, like last xmass night, yes, I was up
    there that night, everything else was shutdown (gas stations open was all)
    and with the light level down I was able to show off even more and I had at
    lest 10 to 15 people stop by that night.

    What's funny, was on the nights that Mr.Foster Freeze tried to get rid of
    me, I had even more ( lots of scouts ) come over for a look see. That must
    have killed him! :}

    As a side note, I found my w98(2nd edition with cd access) boot floppy and
    it's trashed, and I found that the needed boot files on the hard drive where
    wiped out, so now I have one HD that's a total blank and one with data
    backup but unable to boot off of.

    Thankfully this even older w95 machine allows me to do e-mail and

    "Uncle Bob" <> wrote in message

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    Default Tuesday Night

    "Starlord" <> wrote in message
    Go to, and you can pull down a CD access bootdisk, that
    will get you started.

    Best Wishes



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