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    Default Pre-Marathon Trial(s)

    Last night was clear! I wielded Excalibur on a homemade alt-az in the
    Colosseum. All of the first 45 Messier objects (in the order
    suggested by Don Machholz) fell before the razor sharp blade at 30x --
    half of those succumbed before the end of astronomical twilight.

    M110 and M74 were the only objects that were 'difficult' -- and that
    was only because I started as soon as the sky was dark enough to see
    them. I started the session waiting for M74 to become visible; but
    settled for M31-32-110 followed by M33, M74 and M77. From that point
    onward I kept with the Machholz order.

    As few may recall, the Colosseum is a homemade, circular, open-air,
    backyard observatory that bears a superficial resemblance to a much
    larger, better known, Roman structure. Excalibur is the name I gave
    to a 13cm f/6 apochromat refractor after painting the OTA a silvery

    Observations were made from a dark, rural, western U.S. sky --
    limiting naked eye magnitude around 6.0 (after the end of astronomical
    twilight ;-), latitude: about 45 degrees north.

    The last (and first) time I hunted down all the Messier objects was
    1979. The final two objects were captured in 1980. I logged the
    observations in my old copy of "The Messier Album" by Mallas and

    I had forgotten what it was like to hop from object to object on a
    clear, dark night. Me thinks I'll be doing this more often throughout
    the year(s).

    How are others doing?

    To sketch is to see.

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    Default Pre-Marathon Trial(s)

    > I had forgotten what it was like to hop from object to object on a

    Still cursin' the clouds here, Sketch.


    Ready to tackle the Herschel 400?



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