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Thread: CCD vs 35mm

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    Default CCD vs 35mm

    On Thu, 17 Feb 2005 14:38:20 -0600, "Brian Hill" <>

    For the most part, yes. Film and CCD have largely similar spatial
    resolution (give or take, depending on how you choose to define that).
    So the degree of enlargement really isn't an issue at all. What it comes
    down to is that CCD is a substantially better medium (and IMO, quite a
    bit easier to work with). Why would you not use it? Because you need a
    large FOV and can't afford a large format CCD- which may be a very good
    reason indeed for some people.


    Chris L Peterson
    Cloudbait Observatory

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    Default CCD vs 35mm

    "Brian Hill" <> wrote in message news:i4yQd.2986$bV6.2022@fe07.lga...

    Not all CCD setups cost a ton of money. High resolution lunar
    and planetary images have been taken with webcams such as
    the Philips ToUCam. The image size of all planets and most
    commonly imaged lunar features can easily fit on the detector of a
    ToUCam for most scopes used by amateurs. One additional feature
    of CCD imaging is that you can average together a series of frames
    in an AVI to achieve improved signal to noise.

    Finally, lots of webcam users are modifying or having their webcams
    modified for long exposure thanks to some fine work by
    Steve Chambers and others at

    Hilton Evans
    Lon -71° 04' 35.3"
    Lat +42° 11' 06.7"
    Webcam Astroimaging
    ChemPen Chemical Structure Software


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