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    Default TV85 vs. Orion 80ED

    "Ed T" <reply@thegroup.thx> wrote in message

    The "excessive" owner satisfaction is due in this case to quality in the optics
    and the overall construction. I don't own one myself, and I can't see myself
    doing so simply because I'm not the type that goes for the expensive things, but
    I've seen through a couple, and even did a side-by-side-by-side comparison of
    images between, if memory serves, the Telvue 102(?), a 125mm f/5 Syntha
    refractor, and a Celestron 150mm refractor (I don't remember the focal ratio).
    Comparing apples to oranges to orangutans (^_^), but what the heck, and it was
    the guy with the 150mm who wanted to compare. We picked a large crater with
    smaller ones inside it, and went from scope to scope to see how many we could
    see. Wish I could remember the crater.

    Anyway, the score was pretty consistently - Telvue 4 craters, Syntha 2,
    Celestron 1. This was only one example of each telescope of course, and mileage
    is going to vary widely for the inexpensive refractors (the Syntha and the
    Celestron), but from viewing through other examples I believe the quality of the
    Telvues is pretty much guaranteed with a few exceptions. Not so with the
    others, at least not to the quality standards Telvue sets for themselves.

    So whenever someone, anyone, says something that goes against the consensus,
    they're the exception that makes the rule, or simple a troll spouting off, and
    in considering what to do with such positions, keep in mind that a wise man once
    said that the race does not always go to the swiftest or the strongest, but
    that's the way to bet.
    --- Dave
    It don't mean a thing
    unless it has that certain "je ne sais quoi"
    Duke Ellington

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    Default TV85 vs. Orion 80ED

    On 29 Jan 2005 19:36:21 -0800, wrote:

    Actually, I've read most of them and I'd agree with you.
    Except for one other person who did say the Orion was better but
    since the response was second-hand to me, I'd rather not say who
    it was. But if I did, pretty much everyone here would know him.
    As always, if at all possible, people should compare.

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    Tom_T Guest

    Default TV85 vs. Orion 80ED

    Ed, I'll volunteer as a repository for all those 85's. I mean they
    gotta go SOMEWHERE, right? ;o)

    Tom T.

    Incidentally, for anyone looking for the article Clyde mentions, you
    can find it here:
    Look under the "4-way 80mm shootout" - Most of the scopes were on loan
    for the comparision.

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    Bill H Guest

    Default TV85 vs. Orion 80ED

    What about optical smoothness, Rich? Does that fit in somewhere with
    focuser smoothness? Good glass is one thing, what you do with it is

    ~( );>

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    RichA Guest

    Default TV85 vs. Orion 80ED

    On 31 Jan 2005 23:16:16 -0800, "Bill H" <> wrote:

    Sure it is. But anyone who is implying the Orion EDs are suffering
    from rough optics, such that they produce a noticeably different image
    quality versus TeleVue's is either wrong, or grossly exaggerating.
    But like I said; If someone really does want to spend $1700 instead
    of $400, obviously, it's a big decision. So I would try to find both
    scopes at a star party and compare them.

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    Default TV85 vs. Orion 80ED

    Only a retard would spell somewhere "some where"

    "Szaki" <> wrote in message

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    Szaki Guest

    Default TV85 vs. Orion 80ED

    Only a retard would notice it and make a note of it.

    "H. Kellerman" <> wrote in message
    news:migNd.1225$ ..

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    Default TV85 vs. Orion 80ED

    Szaki: You are an idiot and a bigot

    You, a moron who can't spell, deny the Holocaust and makes comments like "I
    have to laugh every time I think of that Hitler made the lazy Jews work.

    A Google search will show you are a lowlife.

    Don't' bother responding, you have been killfiled..

    "Szaki" <> wrote in message


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