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    Default using photoshop

    I have Photoshop 5.0 limited edition and I want to know how to
    combine B&W pics taken with RGB filters to make a color pic.
    Any ideas?

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    Default using photoshop

    MrNightguy wrote:

    Uncle Bob

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    Default using photoshop

    Take the Red B&W image. desaturate the blue and green channels
    Take the Green B&W image. desaturate the red and blue channels
    Take the Blue B&W image. desaturate the green and red channels

    Create a stack, align, adjust color intensity of each layer to arrive
    at reasonable color balance.

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    Default using photoshop

    MrNightguy asked:

    Digital Techniques (using Adobe Photoshop to process pictures)

    Adjusting Your Astrophotos with Photoshop Levels

    Jerry Lodriguss, Photoshop for Astrophotographers
    - Canopus56

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    Default using photoshop

    >djusting Your Astrophotos with Photoshop Levels

    What is the latest Version # for Photoshop

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    Default using photoshop

    HAVRILIAK wrote:

    CS (Adobe went from vers. 7 to Photoshop CS)

    -John Steinberg
    email: not@thistime.invalid

    Go Gang guh...



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