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Thread: GEM for an XT10

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    Joe Peterson Guest

    Default GEM for an XT10

    Hi everyone,

    I currently own an Orion XT10 dobson (10 inch F/4.7). I'm looking for an
    equatorial mount for this scope to do some serious longtime exposure
    photography. Can someone give me some examples of mounts that will be
    suitable for this job? The option to add a goto system is preferable.


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    William R Mattil Guest

    Default GEM for an XT10

    Joe Peterson wrote:


    There a number of options in this area. But you should be aware that for
    Astrophotography the mount is the most critical piece of equipment. So
    with that being said.

    1) Bisque Millenium

    2) Mountain Instruments MI-750, MI-500, MI-250

    3) Astrophysics AP-1200, AP-900

    4) Losmandy Titan, G-11

    5) Older Byers mounts

    6) Parks or Cave Mounts

    This is not an all inclusive list and it should be noted that the bottom
    end of each manufacturers mounts will likely be marginal with a 253mm
    f/5 scope plus all the mountain paraphenalia and imaging equipment. Not
    impossible mind you. Just more prone to wind problems. The first four of
    these are either Go-To or it can be added. Now I am not certain what you
    mean by *serious* but to me this means capable of handling exposures of
    60 minutes or more. If you would like some empirical data I regularly
    image with a multitude of 253mm OTA's. Ranging from f/4 through f/15 and
    the optical payload with cameras and dovetails and mounting rings at the
    like is around 50 to 75 pounds. The mounts best suited (in my opinion)
    for this type of loading are the Bisque, MI-750, AP-1200 and Losmandy
    Titan. If you can accept some compromises the G-11 *may* work. But with
    mine I have a lower incidence of success than with a larger, more robust
    mount. None of these are cheap. The cheapest starts at around $3,000
    while the upper edge is over $10,000. Second-hand equipment might be
    preferable for you. Beware of going too cheap though. Certain mounts
    having the weight handling capabilities have unacceptable tracking
    (periodic error) and can lead to much frustration.

    Astrophotography is a serious illness that costs thousands of dollas.
    Beware ! :^)



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    John Kulczycki Guest

    Default GEM for an XT10

    Celestron CI 700 should work. You'll need to fab a short pier for it.
    You can also get it with advanced Astro Master.


    Joe Peterson wrote:

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    Tom Davis Guest

    Default GEM for an XT10

    "John Kulczycki" <> wrote in message
    I used just such a combination with reasonably good results
    with a Parks 10" F/6 optical tube. This scope weighed
    even more than the intended scope. While not perfect,
    I was able to get well tracked autoguided exposures of
    up to 20 minutes duration with a Starlight Xpress MX916
    CCD and Star2000 interface. While these mounts are no
    longer made, they are available used, and show up from
    time to time on AstroMart.

    Thanks, Tom Davis

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    Default GEM for an XT10

    >Hi everyone,

    As you can see, an appropriate mount for this scope is going to cost you far
    more than the scope cost. It might be time to rethink this project with the
    thought of choosing a complete package, scope and all, that is suited for your
    purpose. This may well be the most economical path as well.

    That said, there is always the option of an EQ platform. The Tom O. platforms
    seem to be capable of 1 hour exposures and while they are not cheap, they are
    less expensive than the mounts mentioned and can handle much larger scopes than
    the XT-10....




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