Hello friends,

What: Free public solar viewing party
Where: Coyote Creek Park near Hwy 101 & Hellyer Avenue in south San
When: Sunday December 19, 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Why: Because it's awesome!

For those who have never seen the sun through a telescope it is an
exciting and inspiring experience. You will be able to see the sun's
photosphere and the hotter and more active chromosphere. You will see
sunspots, filaments, prominences, flares, active areas and lots of
surface detail in high resolution hydrogen-alpha. The sun is dynamic
and alive! It is constantly moving, bubbling, boiling, and featuring
large and small looping and arching structures consisting of billions
of tons of hydrogen plasma that rise many times the diameter of the
earth above the solar surface and can extend for tens of thousands of
miles or more. No where else can you see so clearly the beauty and
violence of a star. So come on out and be amazed and inspired with us.

Come on out and bring a picnic lunch, take a walk, feed the ducks,
watch the children play and enjoy the park. Join us and enjoy some
hi-res h-alpha views of the sun, have a cold drink and some friendly
conversation. Bring a scope and filter, a friend, or just a friendly

The sun will be out, where will you be? Come on out and look up!

Clear skies! See you there!

Michael S. Swartz
starpartyguy dot com