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    Default Which Beginner Scope?

    Once again, I'd like to thank everyone for their input.

    I've ordered the StarBlast. Even though most recommended the XT6, I
    thought the StarBlast is a better fit for the circumstances for a few

    It's low-end but substantially better than a department store scope.
    It's pre-assembled and more portable than the XT6.
    It's cheaper, and even though I can afford to spend more, I thought it
    better to buy something that I think will actually get more use.

    But most of all, it's the scope I think *she* would like better.

    I figure I'll encourage her to attend an astronomy club meeting with me.
    If we really get into it, and after looking through other's scopes, I
    would have absoutely no problem with even going to an XT8 or better.

    But for now, I think this will do just fine. We'll grow into other
    scopes if need be.

    Happy Holidays, everyone!

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    Default Which Beginner Scope?

    >Once again, I'd like to thank everyone for their input.

    It should make a fine first scope.
    The included TheSky software is a great tool for planning
    observations and learning your way around the constellations.
    Along with our moon and planets, here are some of the best
    celestial showpieces to track down:

    Happy hunting!

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    Default Which Beginner Scope?

    Seeker wrote:

    And to you, sir! Best of luck with it!

    (That tripod is going to drive him to drink)

    -John Steinberg
    email: not@thistime.invalid

    -= I link therefore I'm spammed =-

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    Default Which Beginner Scope?

    On Tue, 14 Dec 2004 03:15:34 GMT, Seeker
    <> wrote:

    So here is the real reason why it's a good choice: You will have a lot
    of fun with it for awhile, then in a year or two you'll decide you
    need just _that_ much more aperture to see things that you're missing.
    Well, there's no point in upgrading from 4.5 to 6 in, so you'll start
    looking at 8 in. scopes. But as you're looking, you'll think that the
    10 in scopes really aren't that much more expensive than the 8 in, and
    they're still luggable and will still fit in the car, so you'll end up
    buying a 10 in. So by buying a 4.5 in scope now, you are actually
    setting yourself up to buy a 10 in. scope in a year or two, whereas if
    you bought the 6 in scope now, it would take a lot longer to justify
    the upgrade.


    Nick Theodorakis
    contact form:

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    Default Which Beginner Scope?

    You're (well she's) going to have lots of fun and good star gazing with
    the Star Blast!

    Have you looked into Orion's beginner star accessory package? $30 for
    several items, including Discover the Stars, red light flashlight, Moon
    guide, etc.

    Turn Left at Orion is a wonderful book, highly recommended for finding
    things, learning a bit of astronomy.

    Enjoy it all! And post back in the New Year some observing reports and
    her reactions to having her own scope.

    Larry Stedman



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