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    Default Are regular eyepiece lenses "bad?"

    Take a standard Plossl of quality, like a TV.
    They cost about $100.00. But how good are
    the lenses in them? If you figure that the
    raw material costs just prior to assembly
    have to be around 3x less than the retail price
    for a firm to make money, that means that
    the parts for a good Plossl (barrel, cap, retainers,spacers
    and 2 achromats) must come in at around $30.00.
    If you take a look at the cost of achromats of
    specified high quality from optics firms,
    you'll see that it's nearly impossible to
    assemble a Plossl for $30.00. Some of the
    achromats by themselves in the sizes needed
    cost more than that each.
    So I wonder if someone made Plossls using the
    best achromats available, and paid the cost,
    would they represent a new level of quality
    visible at the telescope?

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    Default Are regular eyepiece lenses "bad?"

    RichA wrote in message ...

    I suspect you know you're setting up the wrong scenario, since your
    hypothetical $100 Plossl sells for that amount, and parts must cost between
    $20 to $30. The achromats you want to buy from optical firms also SELL for
    $$$$ retail in singles or small quantities. In order to compare apples to
    apples you should find out the doublets OEM price . The optical suppliers
    sell the doublets for at least 3 times their cost too, they too have to stay
    in business. Edmunds or Thorlabs are nothing else but importers .
    I know I went down this alley a few times, and always found out that going
    straight to the manufacturer was the only solution to be price competitive
    in the final product .

    best regards,
    matt tudor

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    Default Are regular eyepiece lenses "bad?"

    You know perfectly well parts costs more than an assembled
    product using the same parts. Parts not even in demand cost more.
    Parts that will never be used ever again cost more. Parts that never
    existed and will never be seen to be used by any mortal in the history
    of the universe, cost more. This is because all "parts" are imported
    from heaven by special relationship of The Almighty with some named
    vendor who is a "good guy" and "never lies" and always has the "lowest
    prices", not to mention more knowledge and more power than the Almighty.
    Vendors have tons of lawyers - God has none!

    Assembled things, on the other hand, come from Santa Claus, who
    by actual count has filed Chapter Eleven 9x10^27 times, not counting
    his many trips to the White House this year!


    RichA wrote:

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    Default Are regular eyepiece lenses "bad?"

    On Sat, 11 Dec 2004 21:23:42 -0500, "matt" <>

    But the firms I'm talking about are the OEMS. But, I guess if you can
    buy thousands the price would have to drop considerably.
    Maybe they work like electonic component mfgs, with
    10, 100, 1000, etc, lot prices.

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    Default Are regular eyepiece lenses "bad?"

    On Sat, 11 Dec 2004 20:08:23 -0500, RichA <> wrote, in

    Mass production does wonders.

    John Savard



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