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    Default Celestron 80ED received and examined

    The good news: Initial indications are that the optics are of the
    spherical and color correction quality of the Orion 80ED I reviewed on
    s.a.a the day they became available. More to come, as soon as the wind
    and turbulence die down.

    The weight and heft does not seem to be subjectively worse than the
    Orion, which I no longer have to directly compare. If anything, the
    3.5" OD tube and the 21.5" length to the 2" focuser visual-back make
    it feel less bulky. The dust plug fits inside the aluminum thread-on
    dewcap, a nice touch that won't damage the outside finish over time.

    The clamp however is a problem--instead of two tightening knobs, its
    snap-hinge design means you cannot finely control the tightness of the
    clamping action, and it is hard to open and close even at its
    least-tight position. Even though the tube was wrapped in paper with
    the clamp installed outside the wrapping, the tube finish as received
    is marred and I do not see anything that can be done about it. The
    paint is obviously soft, the black stippling from the imprinted paper
    and felt pattern catch the light, although it is a surface texture
    effect, not through the paint.

    Did others receive theirs this way?

    Aside from the finish issue and the weird clamping action, the clamp
    itself has a molded-in dovetail directly compatable with GP-type
    mounts. All of the accessories shown on the Celestron website were
    received along with the OTA at the remarkable $409 price from

    Even with the issues this looks like the most budget-APO bang for the
    buck yet. Almost as remarkable--and an indicator of how far things
    have come in the last couple years--is that the words budget and
    apochromat can be used in the same sentence.

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    Default Celestron 80ED received and examined

    Doug Peterson wrote:
    Mine has slight marring on the paint on the OTA from the clamps. The
    primer seems to be about 10 times thicker than the top coat ! Don't
    really care because it's all going to get painted bright white along
    with the dew shield.


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    Default Celestron 80ED received and examined

    Eric <> wrote in message news:<9lUqd.14123$cE3.1087@clgrps12>...
    up,but I'm going to have it repowder coated. Also the entire front
    lens assembly fell off when it arrived due to poor threads cut into
    the tube. One thing that the Chinese still can't do is cut a half
    decent thread, I've had the same problem with Chinese finder scopes as
    well That problem was easily taken care of though, and the optics are
    just outstanding, I have used a 9mm eye piece with 2X barlow and have
    seen no hint of colour even around bright objects such as the Lunar
    limb and no image breakdown either very sharp images.Outstanding value
    but maybe needs a little TLC,a great focuser to boot.
    Brian Morse Vancouver..

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    Default Celestron 80ED received and examined

    Now that seeing conditions have improved, I can confirm that the star
    test on mine is very good indeed, spherical correction 1/8 wave or
    better and round fresnel rings.

    I don't see color wedge that is commonly a problem with Chinese
    refractors even when everything else is fine. I also don't see coma,
    or astigmatism, meaning collimation is on target. No pinching at
    temperatures close to freezing. Tests were performed with the Nagler
    2.5 and Nagler 3-6 zoom for up to 240x.

    Only a little violet around the fresnel rings out of focus; in focus
    no color halo, only a little tight violet that pumps in and out as the
    focus changes randomly from the mediocre seeing. No color halo. All
    told, I can believe the optics are identical to the Orion ED.

    The glass itself is very clean. Multicoated all four surfaces, not
    quite as transparent as Takahashis, say, but all the colors coming
    back are a uniform green tint.

    The focuser is definitely stiff compared to the Orion crayford,
    although it has the usual adjustments. It appears parts-similar to the
    regular Synta rack and pinion with a different cast housing that has a
    flared opening dovetail-slot for the finderbase, another good idea.
    The aluminum knobs are a nice touch instead of the cheesy plastic
    typical nowadays. The accessories appear the same as other Syntas.

    Others have complained about the thread on black aluminum dew shield,
    but I think it is an improvement, kinda like the good old days of Tele
    Vue's black powdercoated thread-on dewshields. Obviously a retractable
    would be ideal, but I guess you can't have everything for four hundred



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