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    Default negative mass wormholes make out of magn.field ?


    Sorry, but as I can no more post on sci.physics.research (I hope temporary,
    probably caused by my provider), I have to use this newgroups.

    I am searching for papers (available on the Internet or reference in Nature,
    Science or Physical Review Letters) or at least scientist reviews dealing
    with negative mass wormholes (lorentzian w.) make out of a magnetic field,
    with data (field strength vs diameter, etc).
    I found some data in The New Scientist (that you can also access as a free
    subscriber for some times) but not enough.

    Your help is welcome ;-)

    Thanks in advance


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    Default negative mass wormholes make out of magn.field ?

    You may want to try Google's new service called Google Scholar which
    lets you search "scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers,
    theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports from all broad
    areas of research."

    Thierry wrote:

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    Default negative mass wormholes make out of magn.field ?

    Wasn't my question, but thanks for the tip. It looks like fun!

    Clear Skies

    Chuck Taylor
    Do you observe the moon?

    Are you interested in optics?


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