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    Default Early supermassive black holes


    New evidence from Chandra suggests that supermassive black holes were formed
    within one billion years after the big bang, challenging some models of
    black hole/quasar formation. One theory emerging from these discoveries is
    that a series of smaller black holes created by the collapse of massive
    early stars merged into the supermassive hole.
    My question is naive: is there any evidence that these black holes, or any
    others, could have formed directly from a sufficiently huge proplyd, without
    the formation of massive stars?


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    Default Early supermassive black holes

    Bob Schmall wrote:

    The idea that the very fist generation of stars (at about BB + 200 million
    years) were many hundreds of solar masses (on the main sequence) lends
    credibility to the idea that there would have been many stellar black hole
    remnants in the early universe.

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    Default Early supermassive black holes

    Sam Wormley <> wrote:

    On the other hand, some people have looked at models for collapsing
    primordial gas. For the same reasons that it would only make really
    massive stars (inefficient cooling due to lack of heavy-element atoms
    and especially dust grains), certain mass/rotation ranges of gas
    just might be able to go mostly into a very massive black hole.
    Hardly confirmed, but still in the running. One such calculation
    is described by Oleg Gnedin (not to be confused with Nick Gnedin,
    who also does theory relevant to galaxy formation) at

    All these results relevant to quick appearance of very massive black holes
    seems easier to accomodate if some non-stellar process jumpstarted the
    growth of these beasts...

    Bill Keel

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    Default Early supermassive black holes

    Bob Schmall wrote:


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    Default Early supermassive black holes

    "webco" <> wrote in message

    Another proof that brevity is not always the soul of wit. Please refer to
    William Keel's post earlier in this thread.



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