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    Default 100mm ED price drop likely

    It seems reasonable that there will be a similar
    price drop on the 100mm ED Orion when Skywatcher
    brings theirs out. That could mean a $750
    100mm apo. For another $500 you can mount it on
    a G5 or whatever and suddenly, reasonably priced
    apos are for real. What I do wonder though is
    when will we start seeing the larger ones?
    Is it even possible they have large-disk glass supplies to
    produce such scopes?
    What I think I'd like would be a better than achromatic
    5" (you won't see apochromatism in a big doublet of reasonable
    speed)about f7 for a good combination of widefield
    and higher magnification work. Any residual colour
    could be taken up by a filter, such as one from
    Sirius optic.
    With a 30mm Nagler or Meade, you'd get a 3 degree FOV
    which is plenty plus it would be capable of higher
    powers for planetary viewing.
    Plus, with a filter, it would also make a great imager.

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    Default 100mm ED price drop likely

    "RichA" <> wrote in message

    Mr. Rich Field: The glass used in Orion and Skywatcher are blanks made in
    The actual machining is done in China. It has taken the Chinese at least 5
    years to
    learn how to deal with ED glass in grinding and polishing since they can't
    produce it themselves. The glass is sensitive to heat build up due to the
    friction of grinding and polishing and often times fractures. It seems
    likely they will get better in the coming years to eventually approach Vixen
    ED quality for 1/2 the price. We can only hope.

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    Default 100mm ED price drop likely

    Sooner or later I knew someone would do "something" for the poor and
    homeless! Hooooray!

    RichA wrote:

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    Default 100mm ED price drop likely

    On Thu, 18 Nov 2004 01:19:39 -0600, Mark Spenser <>

    How about a new cardboard box for you?



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