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    Default ETX tripod - too tall

    I find that the tripod that comes with ETX-120 is a bit too tall for
    me. I'm 5'8", and I have difficulty reaching to the EP. Should I get a


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    Default ETX tripod - too tall

    "Michael" <> wrote in message om...
    I presume you mean an ETX-125?.
    Your scope has a diagonal 'built in'.
    On the normal tripod, the answer is not to fully extend the legs. I'm
    puzzled if it is still too tall, since I have used this configuration with
    several teenagers. Is your tripod 'standard'?.

    Best Wishes

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    Default ETX tripod - too tall

    Hi Michael,

    I have an ETX 105 and am 5'8" as well. I'm guessing you have an ETX 125,
    but the tripod is the same (meade 884 with the round steel legs). Don't
    extend the legs all the way. I typically only extend the legs 2 or 3
    inches, and never have any problems reaching the eyepiece. Not overly
    extending the legs has another advantage, it makes the tripod much more

    In article < >, says...

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    Default ETX tripod - too tall (Michael) wrote in om:

    Assuming you have an ETX-125 you already have a diagonal. That is what
    makes your eyepiece point up a at 90 deg. angle instead of straight back.
    As others have suggested, don't extend the tripod legs.



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