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    Default Meade LXD75 to good to be true?

    I'm using a 4" refractor, which I'm very happy with for visual, webcam
    of planets, and plan on getting into Digital SLR, multi short exposure
    of deep sky.

    I'm looking for a mount with goto.

    Now, looking at the Losmandy GM-8, you get the basic mount for about
    $1500.00, add another grand or so for Gemini goto.

    With the Vixen, you're at about a grand for the GPDX and having no real
    goto available.

    The Sphinx has goto, is worth about the same as the GM-8, but doesn't
    have PEC and a bunch of other stuff.

    And then along comes the LXD75 from Meade. Even if you have to purchase
    it with a telescope, you can get the N-6EC 6" Newt for $469.00 complete
    with AutoStar.

    Even if you take the scope off and give it away, you've got a good
    mount, with full (and argueably one of the best) goto you can get, for
    under five hundred bucks. You also get to use the LPI for an autoguider
    as an added bonus. Heck, you could use the 8" Newt as a guide scope, and
    ride the refractor on its back for imaging.

    Am I totally missing something here?

    Passing off the newt to a friend, and mounting my 4" on the LXD75 with
    goto for under five hundred, or pay at least a thousand, and more likely
    two thousand for the same type of set up.

    Again, is this too good to be true, or am I missing a key element with
    this plan?

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    Default Meade LXD75 to good to be true?

    "deluxe" <> wrote in message
    Even if you have to purchase

    That's pretty much it, with a couple of corrections. The "EC" model at $469
    doesn't include the Autostar but does include the motors. Figure $100 more
    to add an Autostar. I like Autostar and it's one of the best economy systems
    out there, but it's not one of the best overall - that's why it costs so

    Still; it's an amazing value if you don't need the quality of the more
    expensive units. You'll read many reports of how bad these are from folks
    who've never seen one. Mine works fine. I have owned better mounts (CGE,
    LX200, Sphinx, Nexstar GPS) so I know how a mount should work.

    John C

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    Default Meade LXD75 to good to be true?

    deluxe wrote in message ...

    the $469 scope is a 6" newtonian . It includes the simple handpad which only
    has a few buttons , no display and no autostar functionality . You want
    autostar, you buy it separately. It also doesn't include the LPI in the $469
    cost . Even so, assuming you sell the OTA for $150-200 and have to buy an
    autostar , you're getting a very good deal .

    I have owned many and still own a few various Meade goto mounts and they all
    do what they're supposed to do . Some needed cleaning and adjusting, some
    needed some bolts and bushings replaced , but for a few bucks you save
    literally thousands .

    Some people believe their time is more valuable than tinkering with mounts,
    but you got to tinker with them anyway over the years, no mount is flawless,
    all need their adjustments, improvements (see Losmandy clutches, worms ,
    motor covers etc) . Get a lxd75, sell the OTA, and with the thousands you
    saved over the losmandy , vixen or whatever, buy a better scope, a better
    camera etc. If you're unhappy, sell the lxd75 and you'd lose maybe $100 in
    all this experience . It's really a good deal.

    best regards,
    matt tudor

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    Default Meade LXD75 to good to be true?

    On Sat, 23 Oct 2004 19:08:00 GMT, deluxe <> wrote:

    It will handle a 4" without a problem. I used my Tak FS-102 on a
    precursor to the Meade (the G5) and it worked just fine. Portable

    Plus, it's goto apparently has some problems. I know someone who has

    Time will tell. the LXD55's were apparently disasters, but the
    problems they have are now (maybe!) rectified.
    Take a look at Celeston's Advance Series mount. It is much like
    the Meade, but comes with (IMO) a better tripod. It doesn't have PEC
    but it does have an autoguiding port.
    I ordered one of the Meade's with a Schmidt-Newtonian to run it
    through it's paces.

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    John Guest

    Default Meade LXD75 to good to be true?

    "deluxe" <> wrote in message

    I do think it's important to avoid giving the impression that anyone
    considers the Losmandy or Vixen mounts to be "the same basic mount" as the
    LXD75. They are premium-quality units and are well worth the price
    difference to more discriminating users. They will work better and last
    longer than any sub-$1000 economy GoTo mount.

    It's just that these days we have the option to choose an inexpensive clone
    mount, which will work well enough for many applications.

    John C

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    John Guest

    Default Meade LXD75 to good to be true?

    "deluxe" <> wrote in message

    The GoTo system for the GP/DX is called the SkySensor 2000. It's an
    excellent setup and is considered superior to the low-end Meade and
    Celestron units (it should be; it costs $1000).

    I'd be interested in the "bunch of other stuff" that the Sphinx is missing;
    I haven't noticed any of it.

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    matt Guest

    Default Meade LXD75 to good to be true?

    John wrote in message <6yDed.3186$>...


    Please state here from your own experience as opposed to hearsay or
    marketing brochures what defficiencies make Meade a low end system and what
    qualities make the Skysensor or Sphinx better . It seems that your list
    might be based on price only if you don't state any arguments to defend this
    position , and there are lots of beginners for whom you'd need to explain
    your statements more carefully. I was going to add tongue in cheek that
    maybe you have in mind the Sphinx autoguiding ...

    best regards,
    matt tudor

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    John Guest

    Default Meade LXD75 to good to be true?

    "matt" <> wrote in message
    news:RbEed.103897$ ..

    Hi, Matt.

    Both the SS2K and the Sphinx permit a large number of alignment points which
    can compensate for various mechanical errors. A simple two (or three) star
    alignment generates a map which necessarily presumes orthogonality and
    mechanical precision which may or may not be there. The gearing and machined
    surfaces on the Vixen (and the Losmandy) mounts are produced to higher
    tolerances and made of better materials. The clone mounts are built to a
    price point - and both offer amazing capabilities for that price - but
    compromises were involved.

    The result to a user is smoother tracking, more accurate GoTo operation, and
    generally more impressive fit and finish with the Vixens. I've owned and
    used the Vixen, Meade, and Celestron GEMs and felt that all worked well for
    their respective prices.

    I don't autoguide and haven't added that feature (which is FINALLY
    available) to my Sphinx but will do so at some point. I was questioning the
    earlier comment about missing features because mine seems to do everything
    such mounts should do.

    John C

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    rander3127 Guest

    Default Meade LXD75 to good to be true?

    On Sat, 23 Oct 2004 22:11:43 -0400, "matt" <>

    Here's a good review of the Sphinx.

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    Default Meade LXD75 to good to be true?

    In article <l_Eed.29794$>,
    "John" <> wrote:

    You're missing the point, besides the fact that the Meade isn't a clone,
    it's a Meade, it's also fully optioned out, and costs under five
    hundred dollars.......oh, did I mention that comes with a telescope?

    Missing features of the Sphinx include effective autoguiding, PEC, and
    the ability to communicate with any popular PC or Mac astronomy
    program......and it's four or five times as expensive as the Meade!

    That the Losmandy is well made, or that you can spend 2500 bucks on a
    Vixen with SkySensor doesn't have anything to do with my post. Sky
    Sensor is a dead product to boot, not something to invest in for the
    future.....Oh yeah, and it's a grand, I'm talking about a mount,
    telescope, goto, stand, etc for HALF the price of the SS2000 alone!!

    You're a Sphinx owner, and it seems like your post is defending the fact
    that you bought it, and that's not what I was talking about either.

    I was talking about a goto mount that features the single most popular
    goto application (Autostar) in the world, that does what it was
    advertised to do, for a price less than a quarter of what you paid for
    your Sphinx.......THAT'S what I was talking about!


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