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    Default Star trails

    A couple of years ago I took some digital photos of the sky while trying
    to capture Leonids. The camera remained in the same place for around
    150 photos, each around 30 seconds apart. It's clear from one photo to
    the next that the stars are moving in the shot.

    I'd like to 'stack' the photos to show the star trail arcs. Does anyone
    have any suggestions on how to achieve this? If it is useful, I'm
    running XP and have GIMP installed. Is there a way to achieve this


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    Default Star trails


    There was an excellent article in S&T a few months back with
    precisely this scenario. To summarize, you sum the images using the
    "Lighten" option in Photoshop so as to get a cumulative trail for the
    stars themselves and simultaneously use the maximum of the skyglow from
    the 150 images in lieu of the sum which is really neat.

    I hope the interval between exposures was as short as possible so
    as not to produce intermittent cracks in the trails. Please remember to
    post a link when you have produced something.


    Chris Lawrence wrote:

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    Default Star trails

    "Chris Lawrence" <> ha scritto nel messaggio

    Maybe it's not your precise goal, but what about producing an animated gif
    showing the movement of stars instead of star-trails? The latter are best
    obtained with a long exposure chemical picture..

    Just my two cents..

    Beta Persei
    45° 35' N
    08° 51' E

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    Default Star trails

    On Wed, 20 Oct 2004 14:01:09 +0100, Chris Lawrence
    <> wrote:

    If The GIMP has the same layering capabilities as Photoshop, you can bring each
    image in on its own layer and then use the "Lighten" method of combining them.


    Chris L Peterson
    Cloudbait Observatory

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    Default Star trails

    Chris Lawrence <> wrote in message news:<Pine.BSF.4.61.0410201113120.1135@newred.grad>...

    The following are links to the astrophotograh registration software.
    The first, Registax, is freeware, the second, Registar, is commercial.

    - Canopus



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