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    Default New Meade Series 5000 Eyepieces - Taking a run at Televue

    This could be interesting. Based only on this announcement ,
    , it *looks* like Meade is taking a serious run at Televue in the
    eyepiece game. I notice that Meade has gone back to the 5-element
    design for the Plossls (which makes it no longer a Plossl, but that's
    splitting hairs). This is a Masuyama design (i.e. Takahashi LE
    series), and this design is very good, though Meade describes theirs
    as having a 60º apparent field of view vs. the standard 52º.

    The Super Wide Angle series looks like a direct competitor to the
    Televue Panoptic line, and the Ultra Wide Angle series is a Nagler
    competitor. I see that Meade has tossed away the silly (and
    incorrect/false) marketing nonsense of one-upmanship in claiming
    slightly higher specs than the comparable Televue products.

    I also note the the current Meade 14mm UWA sells for about US$300 and
    in the new series, the 14mm is US$100 cheaper. The old 14mm was/is an
    outstanding EP, considered by most reviewers to be the best that Meade
    produced and on par with the Televue Naglers. I had one and sold it. I
    regretted that big-time and picked up another one off Astromart.

    These EP's are scheduled for release over the next two months. I'm
    betting that this is the reason that Televue is having a sale on it's
    Nagler and Radian line (about 15% off) until the end of the year. I'm
    betting that if the new Meade EP's live up to the claims Meade has
    made in this early flyer, Televue will permanently lower the cost of
    their premium Ep's. Look for a sale on the Panoptic line in the new
    year. It will be interesting to read the first serious reviews of
    these new eyepieces. It would be remarkable if Meade actually came up
    with new eyepieces that could give Televue a run for their money. If
    they did, it would result in more choice and lower prices for the
    asto-consumer for premium-quality optics. Wait and see.


    - Craig.

    (P.S. - I own a couple of cases full of Televue products. I love 'em,
    but I love competition more)

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    Default New Meade Series 5000 Eyepieces - Taking a run at Televue

    "Craig Levine" <apoguy@*spamkill*> wrote in message

    Looks very promising. If the 60 deg claim is true, that would be a nice
    advantage vs typical "plossls". Wonder what the eye relief will be.

    This is great news. I own 4.7mm & 8.8mm UWAs and really like them. Got
    them on a Meade buy 1, get 1 free deal a few years back. I also own a
    Televue standard plossl 7.4mm. After using the 8.8 for a while and then
    switching to the 7.4, one really appreciates how much nicer the wider
    field and longer eye relief are. I feel like I have to squint to see anything
    through the 7.4. (I'm not saying this is a fair price comparison, just
    commenting upon how the UWA is a joy to use.)

    About time we've seen some pricing actions from lower cost Chinese
    manufacturing in the brand name eyepieces. You know manufacturing
    cost is much lower, and I doubt there is little, if any, original R&D costs
    to recover on these pieces.


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    Default New Meade Series 5000 Eyepieces - Taking a run at Televue

    "Craig Levine" <apoguy@*spamkill*> wrote in message

    I wonder how much of a market there will be for some of SWA series.

    For example, the 16mm SWA has a 68 deg field for $179.
    The 14mm UWA with an 82 deg field is $199.

    The 14mm UWA would give you a bit more magnification along
    with a wider FOV for $20 more.

    I've been considering dropping $119 for a Speers 14mm. These
    new Meades are going to make me stop and reconsider.

    However the 24mm SWA is $249 vs $399 for the UWA 24mm.

    I own a 24.5mm SWA Meade and it is probably my most used
    eyepiece. Got it used in a package deal. I'd have a hard time
    paying $250 for it, even though I do like it.


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    Default New Meade Series 5000 Eyepieces - Taking a run at Televue

    "Alan Dana" <> wrote in message news:<ckfl9n$aae$>...

    I'd have to see the EP's to judge, but my guess is that the UWA's
    might be a bit wide and/or heavy for binoviewing. The SWA's *may* be
    better suited for bino's. My plan is to pick up a 24mm Panoptic (ok,
    I've got a 20mm Nag T2, a 22mm Pan and a 27mm Pan, but do you ever
    really have enough EP's ;-) )? and a 24mm SWA and a 24mm UWA. From
    there, I'll cull the herd of at least 3 eyepieces. I want a 24mm
    widefield to fill a bit of a gap, so this will give me a chance to try
    out some of the new ones.


    - Craig

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    Default New Meade Series 5000 Eyepieces - Taking a run at Televue

    "Craig Levine" <apoguy@*spamkill*> wrote in message

    Any idea of what they mean by "long eye relief" ?


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    Craig Levine Guest

    Default New Meade Series 5000 Eyepieces - Taking a run at Televue

    On Tue, 12 Oct 2004 23:24:28 +0200, "Thierry" <-> wrote:

    No; all we have to go on is the one-page flyer from Meade.

    - Craig

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    Default New Meade Series 5000 Eyepieces - Taking a run at Televue

    Actually the small eyelens concerns me a bit. I am interested in the
    18mm UW but that small eyelens means a tight eye relief and I may have
    to reconsider. I'll researve further judgement until the official
    specs come out.

    Craig Levine <apoguy@*spamkill*> wrote in message news:<>. ..

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    Pete Rasmussen Guest

    Default New Meade Series 5000 Eyepieces - Taking a run at Televue


    From closely calculated approximations off the Meade Hi-Res file the
    18mm T5000 UWA appears ~71mm body dia. max. which is too large for
    most of us. The 14mm eyepiece measures ~58mm body which would be
    doable for many folks IPD if the optical design is a friendly enough

    The new 14mm has ~10% larger exit aperture dia. (20% > area) over the
    Nagler 13mm T6. The new 6.7mm shows to have ~22% larger exit aperture
    dia. (44% > area) over its T4000 predecessor. This can often be
    considered a good sign toward an even friendlier design.

    The new 14mm and 6.7mm UWAs personally interest me the most (followed
    by the 26mm 60° Plossl). The image contrast they will exhibit is
    likely to be outstanding and is probably the biggest boost in the UWA
    model performance. They might match or exceed the T6 Naglers in this

    All the new Meades look great. Having been made to wait nearly 20
    years for this my eyeballs are nearly ready for a glass jar on a


    Clear skies,

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    clyde crewey Guest

    Default New Meade Series 5000 Eyepieces - Taking a run at Televue

    ). The image contrast they will exhibit is


    How did you arrive at this conclusion? Just curious. Wouldn't you
    have to know what kind of glass and what kind of coatings are involved
    to make a guess at contrast? If the Pentax XL's and XW's don't have
    a contrast edge on the Type 6 series, (and they don't to my eyes),
    I'm skeptical that these will. But time will tell.


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    Default New Meade Series 5000 Eyepieces - Taking a run at Televue

    On 13 Oct 2004 05:32:25 -0700, (clyde crewey) wrote:

    Hi Clyde,

    I would not have to know those to make the suggestion. It should
    likely prove be the case based upon (in no particular order) the
    advertiser statements, the minimalization of design and some
    interesting historical facts. I can't give a rats behind over label
    brand because that has proven more than once distractive and a
    negative influence to matters at hand. Both are definitely innovative
    producers which is undebatebly a positive benefit to the amateur
    community. OTOH it is documented that both companies occasionally
    have (and still do) range claims across the board. It is my opinion
    the issue should focus soley upon qualities of the actual individual
    product one wishes to choose for themselves. As long as it's the best
    thing used in the field per application what else could matter being
    that all cats are black at night?

    Exactly, time will tell us. From the looks of things my openended
    opinion is that the new Meade T5000 UWA will likely equal the Type 6
    Nagler for contrast of image if the coatings and baffling are
    significantly improved over the earlier T4000. Not a hard call,
    really, considering what those 18 year "oldies" generally are like.

    My personal interest also goes beyond that aspect. I wish to see the
    new Meade 14mm found better corrected than the 13mm Nagler T6. The
    13mm exhibits significant distortion when the eye(s) move off center
    axis. This trait is most obvious at faster f-ratio and with some
    complex systems. It has a lot to do with the compact nature of the
    extreme fielded design. I think there is reasonable enough chance in
    expectation to realize a little improvement there now. The heart
    pumps in anticipation!

    Historically, Meade significantly upgraded *optical* performance of
    the T4000 UWA concept back in the late 80's over T1 (and also T2)
    Naglers in short-to-moderate FL's applicable to their particular
    design. It was also a case in point to some degree with their SWA and
    SP lines against the TeleVue equivalents. I realize there are
    opinions on either side with these coins but Meade held an advantage
    in progression. And FWIW I have compared several of them head-to-head
    and to my own satisfaction in conclusion.

    Meade's T4000 UWA model was better corrected in field, chromatism and
    with on-axis sharpness (sharpness that cannot be in confusion with
    influences of image contrast, mind you, as the Meades were generally
    very slightly inferior in this regard due slightly less effective
    coatings and baffling). Additionally, their SWA eyepiece glass types
    in stack were much whiter than the WF line (they did mention lastest
    glasses being used) and FOV was very flat in comparison. There was
    also achievement in better eye relief afforded the user. All things
    done in progression.

    This "on-the-heels" innovation is a compliment to all _telescope
    eyepiece technology_ in general and shows clearly that two minds are
    better than one. Overall this is nothing less than a winning
    combination in marketing competition for all of us to benefit from.

    Clear and friendly skies...




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