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    Default Silicon carbide mirrors

    Could this usher in a new era of lighter weigh large aperture
    Dobs? I hear they are using this material on most NASA missions
    requiring mirrors but I don't know if it's possible to make them
    beyond a small (4"?) size.

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    Default Silicon carbide mirrors

    "Richard" <> wrote in message

    40 cm

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    Default Silicon carbide mirrors

    MAT <> wrote:

    Yeah, I was going to chime in that we used a 0.4m SiC mirror for the
    Starlite experiment on STS-95. That would have been much more
    interesting if one of the mounting bearings hadn't frozen by the
    time the UV detectors had outgassed enough not to be fried by
    operating voltage... For that application, the mirror construction was
    particularly interesting because an SiC coating has excellent
    deep-UV reflectance.

    Bill Keel



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