Hi folks

Wonder if anyone else has encountered this problem with an EQ3-2 mount.
I've been trying for the first time to use the setting circles. The Dec's
fine. But I find that when I move the scope in RA, the RA circle doesn't
quite "keep pace" with the slewing of the scope - it slips/sticks, sometimes
a little, sometimes quite a lot. Essentially, it's currently useless.

One thing I have noticed is that the RA circle does appear to be very loose.
I expected it to be a little stiffer to turn when calibrating so that it
holds its position thereafter. I don't know anyone close who has this mount
so I can't tell if this "looseness" is normal.

Perhaps a little machine oil around the rim of the circle - where it enters
the mount - would help? Think it would be okay to do this?

Any other suggestions gratefully received.