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    Francesco Verardi Guest

    Default Nagler 11m type 6

    Anyone here has advice on this eyepiece? I will use it on a C9.25, and
    I own a Meade SWA 24.5 e a Nagler 16mm type 5.

    Best regards

    Francesco Verardi

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    Lawrence Sayre Guest

    Default Nagler 11m type 6

    Francesco Verardi wrote:

    I most certainly like my 11mm Nagler Type 6. My only advice is to use
    it often!

    Lawrence Sayre

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    Ayn Rand (in the appendix to 'Atlas Shrugged')

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    Stephen Paul Guest

    Default Nagler 11m type 6

    "Lawrence Sayre" <> wrote in message

    And the 13, and the 9, and the 7 too!

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    Mike Fitterman Guest

    Default Nagler 11m type 6

    "Stephen Paul" <> wrote in message

    I much prefer the 12mm Nagler Type 4. The type 6's have a little yellowish
    twinge to them that make anything with white seem not quite right. I prefer
    the 6's for the size and weight characterstics. The Type 4's are big heavy
    pieces of glass, but with truer color for me. I haven't done an edge test
    on the type 4 vs. the type 6. Steve, were going to have to try this
    sometime :-)




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