I observed the Sun with my friend Tony Donnangelo on Thursday
afternoon from approximately 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. EDT. It was his first
look through my Coronado PST and he was rather impressed. We compared
it to his Lumicon Solar Prominence filter mated with his 102mm
Takahashi FS-102 apochromat. It really was no contest. The PST
displayed prominences far more readily and with greater definition.
The Lumicon filter is not capable of showing filaments and other
features of the chromosphere due to its high bandpass.

Using the PST I saw 4 loop prominences, more than I'd ever seen before
simultaneously. One, located on the leading limb, was very narrow and

I was able to employ a few more eyepieces with the PST for the first
time including a 14mm Radian, an 8mm Lanthanum Superwide, and a 5.2mm
Pentax XL. Tony's Pentax did a good job and provided my favorite "high
power" view so far. Also used were my 8-24mm Vixen zoom and 12mm

Dave Mitsky