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    Default "Radio signals" report

    Because I am an amateur astronomer, folks at work come to me with questions
    about things that go bump in the night. For the last couple of days, two
    people have asked me if I heard "the report about a radio telescope picking
    up intelligent signals from outer space" -- or words to that effect.

    I recall a headline on the Drudge site about radio signals from somewhere
    but I did not read it.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone?



    Joe S.

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    Default "Radio signals" report

    "Joe S." <> wrote in message

    According to the BBC, this was something that was reported to have come out
    of the SETI search, but the SETI organisers have denied it.

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    Default "Radio signals" report

    "Joe S." <> wrote in message news:<>...

    False alarm Joe.

    A report in the BBC News website, Science/Nature section is headlined
    "Astronomers deny ET signal report".

    Internet stories had that mysterious signals had been received from a
    star 1000 light-years from Earth. Supposedly the signals were found on
    the Seti@home site.

    "It's all hype and noise," said SETI chief scientist, Dr Dan
    Wertheimer. "We have nothing that is unusual. It's all out of

    Too bad, as this would have been very exciting world-class news. Maybe
    next time…


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    Default "Radio signals" report

    Joe S. wrote:

    Have you heard about Google?

    - Alex

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    Default "Radio signals" report

    "Doug Peterson" <> wrote in message om...

    It's, so, very lonely, you're 1000 light years from HOME!!

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    Default "Radio signals" report

    This is just like UFO reports. Even the scientists won't say it's genuine
    unless ALL criteria are met
    and the ET's are practically sending us home movies of their planet!!

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    Default "Radio signals" report

    On Fri, 3 Sep 2004 04:57:32 -0400, "Joe S." <>

    When they ask, look scared and kind of run away. When they press you,
    tell them one of the "professional" astronomers you confer with said
    they are invading Earth with a goal to exterminating us all.

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    Default "Radio signals" report

    We didnt send out any signals to anyone. It is a false report you
    morons on Earth keep coming up with. Please mind your own business
    for a change!

    "Joe S." wrote:



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