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    Default Cheapest way to mount an Orion 80ED?

    Alan Charlesworth <> wrote in message news:<>...


    You are correct in that you have to nudge the Telepod mount to track.
    This is really not a big deal however, especially with the mount
    handle attached. And there are thousands of happy Dob owners who
    nudge their scopes to track with good results, of which I am one.
    With a 7 Nagler Type 6 in my Dob, I only have to nudge the scope about
    once every 2 minutes when watching Jupiter or Saturn.


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    Default Cheapest way to mount an Orion 80ED?

    Tom, I bought an acceptable Alt/Az mount on Ebay for $30 from a guy that has
    sold a lot of them. Meade mounds and they're like new...

    "Tom" <> wrote in message


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