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Thread: Aperture fever

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    Default Aperture fever

    Wow! I don't know if this qualifies as a Messier marathon, but this was
    the longest I've spent in my life observing.

    Came to Antiparos on the 6th, will be leaving tomorrow for Athens. I've
    probably observed all the M objects that are out this season, plus 2-3
    dozen of NGC objects, two comets and Uranus and Neptune.

    All this, made possible by Cartes du Ciel, which I have to commend for
    its tremendous flexibility and usefulness. CDC coupled with my laptop on
    the yard at night with Tycho 2 installed and a couple of EP circles, can
    really do miracles!

    What I was really worried about was "aperture fever" which might have
    shown up after I've observed with the 20x100 for a while. Not a fat
    chance! I would gladly spend 2 more years at least checking stuff with
    the giant binos, not to mention winter constellations and nebulae, which
    I did not see.

    A new batch of 6-12" Celestron Dobsonians is arriving in Greece anytime
    now, and I've already back ordered mine, but I really cannot imagine how
    much greater the observations may look under a 10" Dob.

    This doesn't mean that I am not anticipating my 10"s arrival, but I'll
    tell you, even my crappy Tasco coupled with the Apogee, makes for a
    great tool, under 6+ magnitude skies. I was lucky to have ONE night of
    6.5+ visibility here, and this, really is all an amateur could ever want.

    The joy of seeing a faint NGC object! The joy!
    I. N. Galidakis
    Eventually, _everything_ is understandable

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    Default Aperture fever


    Glad you are happy with your 60mm scope. I figure some folks are happy with
    just about anything, some are unhappy with just about anything.

    That 10 incher should be a real treat. Consider that it gathers about 18 as
    much light as a 60mm scope and has 4 times the resolving power.


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    Default Aperture fever

    Jon Isaacs wrote:

    The only problem is that the next time I will be able to observe with
    the 10" from here, will be...let's see, August 2005, and *perhaps*, if I
    am lucky and the scope has arrived by then, December 2004.

    I am starting to develop the patience of an ass...

    I. N. Galidakis
    Eventually, _everything_ is understandable

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    Default Aperture fever

    Ioannis <morpheus@olympus.mons> wrote in message news:<1093371099.41420@athnrd02>...

    By the way, thanks for posting your observing reports. They were fun
    to read--almost like being there. And congratulations on seeing M57's
    "smoke ring" shape; it's not easy with limited aperture and

    Did you observe M16? For some reason, it looks fairly bright in my
    binocular and finder, but relatively dim in my telescope, while M17 is
    the exact opposite.

    I totally agree--overall, it's my favorite sky simulation software.

    What I like to do with nearly everything is gradually work my way up
    from the bottom, enjoying each new experience, because each is
    different, whether it's "better" or "worse." If I had simply jumped
    to the top at the beginning, concerning equipment, I honestly believe
    that I would have deprived myself. However, most people aren't like
    this, which is why I always suggest a good-sized telescope for
    beginners--I'm just explaining my apparent hypocrisy here.... ;-)

    It will be very different from your binoculars, but I think that
    you'll like what you'll see in your 10" Dob.

    You are indeed fortunate, as most people in the "civilized" world have
    no idea what the night sky really looks like...and probably never

    I've always said that this hobby is like fishing in many ways, except
    that we tend to get more excited when we catch the small fish. :-)

    - Robert Cook

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    Default Aperture fever

    Robert Cook wrote:


    You are welcome :-)

    If the 20x100 had higher magnification, it would be really easy. With
    the Tasco it's just a little oval patch with peripheral vision. I've
    observed it again 2 hours ago and there is a hint of ovalness with the
    binoculars as well.


    Yeap, saw it. If I were to haphazard a guess, I'd say that the faintest
    M object I picked, probably has to be M74, in Pisces. In general, any M
    objects that were brighter than 10.6 were easily visible with the 20x100
    pair. The Apogee pair starts bending its knees on NGC objects around
    11.0 or when the surface brightness is less than 13-14. I tried picking
    up UGC 10822 in Draco two hours ago, but the binos could not pick it up,
    although extended.


    Same here. I believe the trait of a good amateur is to completely
    exhaust all possibilities, even with small scopes.


    Exactly. If I only had one more year of free time :-)

    I. N. Galidakis
    Eventually, _everything_ is understandable

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    Default Aperture fever (Jon Isaacs) wrote in message news:<>...

    From a slightly different perspective, a 10" Newtonian's central
    obstruction blocks about as much light as a 60mm scope is able to
    gather in toto, yet this is usually considered insignificant. :-)

    - Robert Cook



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