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    Default burgess 25X100

    any feedback on burgess 25X100 binocs would be appreciated

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    Default burgess 25X100

    >any feedback on burgess 25X100 binocs would be appreciated

    from excelsis:

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    Default burgess 25X100

    "halfro" <> wrote in message news:<fdTTc.18157$TI1.12074@attbi_s52>...

    I've had one for several years now,and I love it. I have also owned
    26x70s and 15x70s. The 25x100s give outstanding views, excellent
    contrast, a field just under 3 degrees. I have seen all of Markarian's
    Chain in Virgo in one field, just about, with these. However, they
    need a very solid mount. I use mine with a heavy-duty T&T
    parallelogram mount.

    IMO these are a real bargain, excellent quality for the money.

    Clear skies,
    Shneor Sherman

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    Default burgess 25X100

    On Mon, 16 Aug 2004 00:28:59 GMT, "halfro" <>

    I have a pair of the new 20x90 Series II from Burgess. I am very
    pleased with them and consider them to be a superb value at $249. I am
    not a binocular expert, but I do have a premium apo and Zambuto newt,
    so I have some experience with good optics that star test to near

    My estimation of the 20x90 SII:

    - Mine are well collimated and seem rigid in any orientation.

    - Real fov appears closer to 3.0 degrees.

    - Pinpoint star images in the center. For example, these binos reveal
    the subtle arc of orange stars in the center of NGC 869 in the Double
    Cluster. Excellent!

    - Some loss of sharpness in the outermost 10% or so of the field. The
    distortion is most evident on the brightest stars. I don't notice it
    for terrestrial use.

    - The focuser is a little sticky, however once the binos are focused
    they tend to stay that way -- even in and out of the case. (Nice case
    is also standard BTW.)

    - Excellent coatings and flocking/baffling. Even a flashlight test
    down the objectives reveals very little reflection and the optical
    surfaces are clean.

    - Good contrast. These binos eat dark nebula. I've seen the Parrot
    Head under mag 5.5 skies.

    - Very little false color to my eyes. The moon is stunning -- very 3D
    in appearance. Jupiter shows bands.

    I've seen the 25x100 Series II and they look similar in construction,
    however I have no experience with them in the field.

    My advice: get in line soon if you want to get your hands on a pair of
    SII as these will be in high demand.

    Michael McCulloch



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